$1,000 Pizza Slice: Worth It? || Really Dough?

$1,000 Pizza Slice: Worth It? || Really Dough?

On the season finale of “Really Dough?” Mark leaves Brooklyn! It’s a miracle! Mark and Scott hop into Scott’s pizza-mobile and head out on the road

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On the season finale of “Really Dough?” Mark leaves Brooklyn! It’s a miracle! Mark and Scott hop into Scott’s pizza-mobile and head out on the road to Hoboken, New Jersey, to check out an extremely expensive pizza made specially for them at Tony Boloney’s. Will Mark think it’s a pizza?

Pizza is one of the most customizable foods in history. Tomato sauce, white sauce, artichoke cream sauce, broccoli, M&M’s, pineapple, edible 24K gold — a pizza can be anything your heart desires. But should it? Renowned pizza nerd Scott Wiener is challenging the idea that pizza can be anything. He’s traveling all over America, spotlighting these Frankenstein pizzas and trying to make a case for whether these new customizations can, in fact, still be considered a pizza. In the end, Wiener takes these pizzas to Lucali to pass final judgment from the purist of all pizza purists, Mark Iacono, where he will either declare each slice “PIZZA!” or ask with complete disgust, “Really Dough?”

See you back here for Season 3!


Scott Wiener
Mark Iacono

Mike Hauke

Keith Cecere

Senior Producer
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Emily Tufaro

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Leo Fernandez

Post-Production Supervisor
Daniel Byrne

Supervising Producer
Stasia Jones

Design Director
Ted McGrath

Executive Producer
Justin Lundstrom


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Track Title: Saccio na bella canzone
Composer: MusicMedia APM

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  • comment-avatar

    Toney baloneys is the only time I would go for stoner pizza lol

  • comment-avatar

    All it's missing is some gold leaf and truffles. "So I'm uncultured, and I've never heard of paella. But since I want to be quirky, I tried to make a paella look like a pizza. I put saffron in the base, I put it in the sauce, I put it on the chorizo, which isn't even jamon iberico, I put it on the cheese that I only used because I couldn't find a more expensive cheese that would actually melt." None of the ingredients are chosen to fit together, they're just expensive. I'm sure the taste of saffron is overwhelming.

  • comment-avatar

    That's not jamón, that's chorizo. You don't put jamón or chorizo in paella. This guy was rip off in a turist trap.

  • comment-avatar

    those two together make me feel like im watching Conan and Jordan Schlansky

  • comment-avatar

    Mike Hauke… That's all I have to say

  • comment-avatar

    Your pizza knowledge blows me away 🤣 I love this channel, and believe me I'm learning alot from this channel thanks guys

  • comment-avatar

    0/10 not enough saffron

  • comment-avatar

    Dang that looks like some of the most beautiful pizza I've ever seen.

  • comment-avatar


  • comment-avatar

    this my 3 fav mems from now
    1. Face of oscar (who make cauliflower pizza)
    2. quote "Nice and Crispy" (1000$ pizza)
    3. quote "YES!" (trapazzino chef)

  • comment-avatar

    Why is no one else talking about “Mike Hauke”?😂

  • comment-avatar


  • comment-avatar

    Why isn’t this pizza register for Guinnes Book of world records for the most expensive pizza in the world? I mean the most expensive pizza right now is 2000 dollars for the entire pizza and his is 1000 A SLICE !!!

  • comment-avatar

    Grew up in NYC, used to be a stockbroker on Wall St, quit to follow his passion (pizza/the restaurant business)…
    This Mark guy probably crushes mad pelvis.

  • comment-avatar

    The Tony Baloney's guy really dropped the ball not calling it "Pie-ella".

  • comment-avatar

    Why he looks like Keanu Reeves😊

  • comment-avatar

    Americans confusing jamón with Chorizo, losing it at the EU eliminating borders within Europe and making a monstrosity. True quality content 😂😂😂

  • comment-avatar

    Scott says he will eat all the food in Syria.

    Well that won’t be that much.

  • comment-avatar

    Should be frank sorry bro

  • comment-avatar

    He just got a pepperoni from a pizza baking in an oven
    Like u gotta have some balls to withstand the heat

  • comment-avatar
  • comment-avatar

    Get rid of the Scott guy you may have a show

  • comment-avatar

    Even i know that was not jamon iberico 😕, or is there jamon iberico sausage?

  • comment-avatar

    4:26 well that escalated quickly😳😅

  • comment-avatar

    Scott is entirely annoying

  • comment-avatar

    Get Pizza 4P in Vietnam. Be ready to be blown away.

  • comment-avatar

    Instead of sprinkling hundreds of dollars of saffron on the pizza, why didn't he soak the saffron in the water that goes in the dough? Way more efficient and you can taste the saffron way more

  • comment-avatar

    Never watch this high

  • comment-avatar

    Ok he keeps calling the chorizo jamon iberico, what is going on with this guy

  • comment-avatar
  • comment-avatar

    This show is mental lol

  • comment-avatar

    It's a fucking SICILIAN which isn't PIZZA.

  • comment-avatar

    https://youtu.be/ZJGKjQeF5b4?t=514 A no star Michelin pizza joint realizing how hard it is to get even one star. That's it right there. But for every table and every customer every single day!

  • comment-avatar

    I didn't know Buh – Buh Ray Dudley made pizza. I learn something new everyday.

  • comment-avatar

    “The little Clown car?” 🤣

  • comment-avatar

    Are just gonna ignore that this guys name is mike hauke

  • comment-avatar

    im havin movie feels

  • comment-avatar

    I just love this series ! .. ♥️♥️♥️

  • comment-avatar

    Is it worth it, absolutely not..

  • comment-avatar

    Thrillist needs to give Mike his own show

  • comment-avatar

    I wonder if "Tony Baloney" got his nickname like I did, from the kids on the school bus taunting him as they rolled through NY…

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