Are MSATA SSDs Pointless?


MSATA drives have been around for some time but are they pointless in 2018?

Grab the 860 msata here:

Grab the 860 2.5″ here:

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  1. For me msata is the only upgrade that makes sense on my laptop, it is an older laptop that has an insane bottleneck with its 5200rpm harddrive, even if the msata isnt as fast as m.2, I dont have any m.2 ports in my laptop, but the data transfer rate will still be faster.

  2. An old msata is more bearable to blows. I ask about a recent fall and the lack of money to buy an encapsulator?

  3. Toshiba U845W-S400; swapped out the 32GB mSATA caching SSD for a 256GB EVO840 and made it my C: OS drive. Dropped in a 1TB Crucial BX500 2.5" SSD for a D: drive. Runs great.

  4. Asus K56CA – not even Asus specifies on their website that this model supports msata SSD. Normally it supports 1/2 size, but you can also fit a normal sized one if you resolder the screw nut. I mounted a 120gb msata from Integral. Windows 10 boots in 10 seconds and I can actually keep the actual 1TB storage without sacrificing the CD-ROM for a HDD Caddy 🙂 So yeah, they are not pointless in 2020.

  5. Got an mSATA slot in my Desktop, but there is no point using it over "normal" SATA because it disables the port when in use.and 2.5'' SATA drives are easier to find and cheaper.
    running my old Plextor M5 Pro 2.5'' since 2013.

  6. Some desktops will run an mSATA SSD in a PCIe x1 slot, if the slot is routed through the SATA bus; sometimes labeled, as mPCIe/mSata.

  7. Thank you for actually showing what an mSATA is!
    I'm going to have to re-open my laptop soon (I can hear the fan, means I need to clean it) and I thought, hey I should put an SSD in it! But all the result I got where M.2, so much so that I started thinking that they were supposed to be mSATA.

  8. msata and sata are differ3nt connector.. sure they are of use.. you can not connect an 2.5" ssd to a msata connector.. this video is USELESS !

  9. in 2019 you can go for the biggest capacity you can afford on the cheapest interface your computer supports (in my case 1tb sata 2.5 ssd) and be happy, the difference in write and read speeds is so small that you have to project your time savings to the years scale, at that point better start asking "M'I gonna have this computer that many years?" probably not. No point expending double the price for a 1tb nvme drive or the same money for one with half the capacity.

  10. Thanks for this video. I recently added 3 Samsung M.2 1TB NVMe PCI-e 3.0 SSDs to my Desktop as part of a major upgrade. The speeds are amazing. However I have a 2014 HP Laptop that doesn't support M.2 and I upgraded to a Seagate 1Tb 7200 2.5 SATA Spinner Drive for more storage over the original WD 500GB 5400 RPM 2.5" – While doing that I noticed I have an unused mSATA slot. So I will be able to add the boot/Windows drive to an mSATA and still keep my old school 7200 RPM Spinner for storage.

  11. is it ok to use msata and m.2 and a regular ssd on the same laptop ?

    i want to have 3 separate hard drives on my laptop :X

  12. I have a mSATA port on my mini PC. Is it okay that i use a mSATA to M.2 converter to plug-in a M.2 SATA drive.

  13. Thinkpad t420 msata is far slower than ssd, 280 vs 480 mbs in read, writing speed is not that different but it seems less consistent

  14. Asus K401U.
    Factory 24Gb mSATA was swapped to a KingSpec 248Gb mSATA (from ebay).
    Win10 successfully installed on it and now its booting fast like hell. Plus we still have 1Tb HDD for data storage. I highly recommend it for everybody, mSATA is a great thing in laptops. And the cost was approx. 50USD.


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