Backup and Restore Windows and Office Activation Token by Britec


Backup and Restore Windows and Office Activation Token by Britec

By default, it extracts Windows activation license key and shows it on main interface. You can either manually specify the token file or let it backup the default token file. Once the product key is visible, click Backup Activation to save token and configuration files in the installed directory.

Advance Tokens Manager provides an easy way to prevent losing count on number of times a Microsoft can be activated, as it securely restores activation data to activate the product offline. It’s advisable to verify the token and configuration files in install directory before restoring product license keys. Advanced Tokens Manager works for Windows Server, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Office 2007, and Office 2010.

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  1. it worked for windows, however for office it says error. My client did say he didn't get it legit. Could that be the problem? and if so is there another way to save it? thanks

  2. Doesn't Work. Win7 Home restored on same Laptop. Activation still required.
    Maybe I need to do it before Win7 SP1 installed. Need to verify.

  3. Thanks a lot for hard work and time making this great,, very informative video..
    I'm very grateful for your effort..

  4. i mistakenly pressed dislike, pressed like again right after but still counted the dislike. sorry man, great video

  5. I was looking at this guys site the other day,Thinking ther is some great software i must check out .Thanks for the video bri.

  6. Sounds like a great backup tool.

    Getting frends to backup there computers activation or data/family pictures before anything goes wrong is so dam hard, human nature tends to ignore advise while things keep working, and all too often by the time there machine comes to me its too late 🙁

    Human nature is very daft at times lol

    Thanks brian 🙂


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