Battle Bacon! E-Sports Gurkey Gaming! (Derpy Bacon & mEGGz Episode 11)


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🎵 You ain’t in my league buddy. You don’t know these combos. Losing to that piece of turkey bacon with the rhyme flow🎵
Derpy Bacon gaming! In this episode, watch as Derpy Bacon and mEGGz enter the big video game competition at the arcade. They sure can mash them buttons. But mEGGz might be hedging her bets when Derpy has to face off against the mysterious GRAND CHAMPION. Hope you like, thumbs up if you do!

About Derpy Bacon and mEGGz: Derpy Bacon and mEGGz are the premiere animated hip-hop/breakfast duo in the world. Derpy Bacon is a misunderstood piece of turkey bacon, and mEGGz is a no nonsense egg who hasn’t quite broken out her shell yet. Together, they go on wild adventures, meet interesting new characters, all while laying down the phattest beats and dopest rhymes the world has ever had the pleasure of listening to.

Thank you to Cartoon Conrad for helping us pull this all together!

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