Berenstain Bears: Papa’s Pizza/ The Female Fullback – Ep.38


38a “Papa’s Pizza”

Brother and Sister are having all of their friends over for a party, and want to serve something that all of them will like to eat. When they poll their pals for everyone’s dietary likes and dislikes, they’re shocked to discover their friends all like and dislike different things. Although Mama and Papa explain that there’s nothing wrong with liking and disliking different things as it helps make each of us ‘special’, it doesn’t help the cubs with their party menu. It’s Papa that comes to the rescue when he suggests they celebrate everyone’s individuality by providing their party guests with the ingredients to make everyone a personal pizza of their own.

38b “The Female Fullback”

Instead of practising, Brother, Cousin Fred and Too Tall discover an easier way of winning the big football game – in the form of Betsy Broom. Betsy can run faster than Brother, she can jump higher than Too Tall and dodge quicker than Cousin Fred. In exchange for her promise to help them win the game, the boys gladly agree to help Betsy practice her track and basketball and ballet. The boys soon find it’s not easy keeping up with Betsy but by striving to do so, they discover they’ve improved on certain skills they needed to be better football players. So much so in fact, that they go out and win the big game – without Betsy. As it turns out, this was her plan all along.

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