Brian Burke Said Nail Yakupov's Draft Interview Was So Bad A Scout Almost Fought Him


Brian Burke joined episode 261 of Spittin’ Chiclets and did not hold back.

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  1. The NHL sucks now no personality or electricity. All lost in the late 90’s

    Thanks for the memories Gilmour Clark Probert Mcsorley Gretzky Domi Orr Cherry Oriely Mcnab Cashman Richard Dryden lefluer Howe and so many more…

  2. As an Oilers fan who wanted Ryan Murray and was PISSED they drafted Nail, this has NOT made me any less mad……. I hate this team as much as I love it.

  3. Listening to Brian Burke warms my heart, his honest candor is so refreshing. He is what all men should aspire to be.

  4. What the f is the guy to the right of Burke looking at? very distracting, and a horrible way to talk to somebody.

  5. Brian Burke is 100 yet still has one of the nastiest heads of hair this side of the Mississippi. It’s like Jagr and Sergei Federov combined.

  6. If i was an agent I would tell my client to be raw real emotional. Be fucking you. You a dick you a dick you if cocky you cocky. Just be you.

  7. The Oilers were lucky Buffalo matched their offer for Vanek. It would have hamstrung us for years. Kinda like the Lucic deal.

  8. Moose jaw is a hard drive? Its like 10 mins outside regina . Just fly into regina and rent a car and drive down .

  9. Brian Burke loves to tell this story. First in Tim and sis then hockey central. 3rd time I've heard him put the nail in the coffin.

  10. I was a classmate of Brian's at Providence College, we graduated in 1977. He was a great guy then as he is today. He has had a very interesting and at times a tragic life. He is definitely the kind of guy you would want to sit around with to exchange stories.

  11. These scouts think they are really something.. it’s a sport where you hit rubber with
    A stick.. be nice to the kids

  12. I understand that the rookies need to be professional and classy but you do have to agree that it's bullshit that the GMs probably all just grill them with stupid questions and act like dicks. So they can't cry when a player gives them pushback. Just think of all the job interviews that you get asked ridiculous questions but you want the job and you have to take it seriously. Then think if you were forced to go to an interview for a burger flipping job at McDonalds that you knew you'd never work at. Are you going to let the GM bully you with their interview questions?

  13. You know this is gonna be good the second you see Burkey have his tie in "NO F*CKS GIVEN" mode.


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