Building a Sunflower Cafe in Windenburg! (Streamed 4/11/20)


Look at how scary my face looks in the default thumbnail omg

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Because I’m playing music Twitch mutes some of the VOD because of copyright, so there are some silent parts in this video.

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  1. "they're just making cool renders right now" no shit. they're literally in progress and it's a team of 3 people….lol annoying

  2. someone suggest simsie to make a change
    Everyone: fair

    It’s so hilarious and adorable lol
    Also I temporarily forgot her name but to be fair I forget how old I am sometimes and I’m closer to my 19th birthday than my 18th now. I still think I’m 17 lol

  3. I've been watching so many of these VODs lately while making bracelets for my friends because they're not like a tv show where I feel like I have to keep my eye on the screen for every second and I don't have to change the video for a really long time. It's fantastic and has been keeping me very entertained!

  4. It's a real company call Sunflower Bakery and Sunflower Cafe that employ and train developmentally disabled teens and adults for the workforce!


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