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Today, we discover a brand new horror game called PLAY WITH ME. It’s your birthday and you must collect all of the candles before the creepy clown that is roaming your house finds you!!

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Intro/Outro Music by: MDK
Song Title: Press Start

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  1. If you play the Simon says until the end, it starts beeping, then if you move a muscle, the clown jump scares you

  2. I'm trying to get over my caulrophobia……i'm posting this before i watch the video…ill edit later..

    Edit:this was terrifying but it didn't scare me as much as clowns usually do.

  3. I hate clowns, I hate jump scares, I hate horror, and yet I am still going to watch this.

    Edit: Yea uhhhhh I’m half way into the video and I regret this

  4. Imagine being in a room filled with bees and crawling spiders. There’s a clown that slowly walks after u with a loud chainsaw. U know that if u try escape, the person u love most will die.

    Based on nightmares I get and my fears lol

  5. Dan: Mr clown
    Clown: yes
    Dan: I will pay you diamonds if you leave me alone
    Clown: give me all of the diamonds you have and I will leave you alone

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  7. Dantdm if you dont look on your commets it makes me sad that i never get a commet from a youtuber and love your vids

  8. This is such a coincidence! (Maybe not..) I just finished “IT: Chapter 2” and this pops up in my recommending section.. 😅😅


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