Explaining the Difference Between SSD NVMe and M2 SATA and mSATA


What is NVMe M2 SSD and M.2 SATA or mSATA – what is the difference when choosing an SSD. We show the difference between the SATA bus from PCI-E, and also help with the choice of adapter for the M2 SSD.

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M.2 storage can be in SATA and NVMe types – So what is the difference between M.2 SATA and M.2 NVMe?
If you still don’t know which one you need and what to buy the M2 SSD, then watch this video where it is clearly shown what is the difference between M2 NVMe and SATA M2 and the difference from mSATA. We show how the M2 connector differs in types for M2 SATA and M2 NVMe. We’ll also show you what to do if you are in a hurry, don’t check the presence of the M.2 connector on the motherboard and bought an M.2 SATA drive, and your laptop only supports 2.5 SATA. We show which adapters can be used to use the M2 SATA form factor in the 2.5 SSD / HDD package.

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  1. great video but if you don't mind next time you 'll do a video please lower the music volume , sometimes i couldn't hear your voice

  2. Hi Sir, I have a msi pl62 7rc laptop, i have the i7 model which comes with 1tb sata drive, i want to know if i cant combo add a m.2 nvme to my laptop. pls guide me

  3. For those who have this question: When you adapt a Nmve (PCIe) to an standard SATA conector, the speed of the Nmve will decrease to te maximum of a SATA III speed, wich is 600mb/s.

  4. Hi I have a Asus zephyrus g14 which comes with a 660p Intel m2, I want to know if it's possible replace it with a optane h10 and take advantage of the 32 gb embedded of the hard drive

  5. Now that I know M.2 NVMe is 7 times faster than M.2 SATA and 2.5 SATA I think most M.2 speed comparisons are misleading and must be using SATA as opposed to NVMe.

  6. Thanks for the video, great info! I bought an M.2 Nvme drive to replace the 128gb m.2 my laptop came with. The 1tb nvme drive though didn't sit flush on the MB due to chips being on the top and bottom of the drive? In videos and pics I always see nvme drives having a flat bottom. Could you explain?

  7. welp… i've been a traveling contract worker the last 3 yrs and have paid zero attention to PC hardware, this just wrinkled my brain.

  8. Kindly made a vedio of reinstalling os on ssd , which already had a hdd.
    I mean without touching hdd data, how to reinstall os in laptop.

  9. Просто роскошное объяснение: и теория, и практика, и всё кратко и по делу. Прям лучшее и самое понятное видео по теме.
    Большое спасибо!

  10. I don't know why I feel insecure with those sandwiches, although they are cost effective to replace if something breaks down.

  11. Hi, I bought a TCSUNBOW 256GB SSD M.2 2280 PCIe Express GEN3.0x4 NVMe Solid State Drive to connect to my Lenovo Ideapad Flex 14 but did not work. May be a issue with the SDD itself. However I would like to connect that to my HDD connection instead and will you guide me to find a adaptor for this. I still do not understand what is M or B etc slots.

  12. I have an nvme ssd from an macbook air I would like an enclosure for or an adapter would you have any recommendations

  13. Dear Autor, вам очень поможет простенькое упражнение на пронансиэйшн: thоня – thoнтик . As of the rest – quite interesting and useful info. Have a nice one!! 😉

  14. Great video, but just a concern left unaddressed. With using the adapters to convert the flash drives; M.2 Sata or M.2 NVMe, to a standard Sata connection, do we loose the data transfer rate the flash drives offer? It seems to me the transfer rates are reduced to the Sata standard connection. If that is the case, what worth is it to use these newer form of flash drives when a Sata SSD would be just as good?

  15. I already know about these by reading a lot of blog, spec sheet and watching many YouTube videos.

    BUT your video is summary of all. (With the exception of 3.5" SSHD).


  16. Awesome video. I have been in a panic thinking that my M.2 drive with a B+M key wouldn't fit into a Nvme slot, but thankfully it does. Thank you for clearing that up.


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