F | MS | CHOU Tien Chen (TPE) [1] vs. Viktor AXELSEN (DEN) [2] | BWF 2020


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  1. it's like Victor 80% at his peak when he won World Championships. Hope to see his top form at Olympic Games.

  2. lasted about 45 seconds into the match before stopped. The coverage has got the old cancer that is flick frames to the smash jumps. It's plagued brit coverage of world badminton for over a decade, making it unwatchable. It takes a special type of retard to enforce such disorientating camera work over such a long time period.

    thankyou to Wimbledon and all tennis coverage crews for not doing the same with tennis.

  3. I think Chou Tien Chen lost his fighting spirit after what happened with Anders Antonsen. Maybe (just speculation) he wanted to lose to Viktor Axelsen to make up for what happened.


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