Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location – Part 4


We’ve reached the ENDING of Sister Location! But I think we all know that it’s not the REAL ending…
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  1. Fun fact:at the back of baby theres an antenna and its a robot
    And its name is ennard
    1987 ennard was a clown in sister location but….1989 ennard got scooped cuz he killed most of 12 people so he got scooped but
    He SURVIVED he got a plan to get revenge and get freedom in her prison
    He said this.
    "Ive been looking for you" in sneaky voice
    *her normal voice*
    So you can see the camera in the balora and foxy…i dont know but im right ;-;
    But when mark goes to the scooping room. the voice baby but its ennard he got baby voice

  2. did you now that behind of baby is ennard you now you why? cause baby was been carry-ed by ennard soo if you seen the scooping room at the right window ennard was watching you and pppeeeeeeaaaacccceeee

  3. Wait, when you go to the scooping room, did ennard copy circus babies voice or something and trick the player?

  4. Why do I feel like when he was crawling to the scooping room, the night guard was crawling in, y’know blood. Cause of the hanging body that you see

  5. When baby was going to the scooping room I was like “Nuuu I don’t want you to go nuuuu don’t press the button nuuuu I like baby :c” lolz

  6. I was left behind, all this torture will unwind, I was never all that kind, if you were to rewind then you would find, I was left behind, take your turn to run and hide, I would catch you all the time, this night no longer shines, your tears divine, you will now be mine~

    I just wanted to put that in 0v0

  7. I have a theory that the wet/dripping noises are the blood of the technician victims. But what do I know?


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