FULL COURSE – LEARN ENGLISH GRAMMAR LESSONS for Beginners, Elementary, Intermediate – full video


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English grammar lessons for beginners – full course 7 hours. All the playlist

This video lesson can be also useful for other levels – Elementary and Pre-Intermediate. We learn basic English grammar lessosn. It’s some kind of english tutorial – grammar. It’s a complete English grammar course – basics and more advanced things. We learn English classes for beginners. This video can also help you to undertstand how to learn grammar – English explanations are provided. The aim of creating this video was to make the best English grammar tutorial

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  1. For more practice, you can also subscribe to our second channel – English with Alexander 🙂

  2. Could you give brief explanation regarding all rules of english grammer from beginner to advanced level

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  4. I like your video, but i think you should have a look on possessive pronouns i.e, video timings from 51 minutes to 57. these are possessive adjectives i think . Please correct me if i am wrong as I am learning English and not a native English speaker. . Regards.

  5. Hello Mr. Alex,
    I really appreciate your hard work and dedication. Keep it up. It's useful for many.

  6. Thanks Alex for the lesson! It's really very helpful.

    A quick overview.
    This lecture contains information about:

    Articles, singular plural adjective phrases, to be, preposition, tenses ( simple present, simple past, simple future), modal verbs, adjectives, conditional…etcetera.

    After a certain duration of time same grammar topics had been repeated (with slight modification).

    For instances,
    The first three hours
    And, from 3:23:10 -75 English grammar topics
    And then, from 5:23:15 -English grammar topics
    Topics are repeating with slight additional topics and examples.

    Well, repetition is good because as they say, the number of times you revisit the topic, the more familiar you get with the topic.
    ( 5:23:15 grammar repetition I found more useful and general, than rest two)

    Once again, Thanks Alex.


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