Geforce GTX 1060 – MSI Gaming X Review


The Geforce GTX 1060 is officially launched, and it’s taking on the Radeon RX 480 headfirst. So, does it negate any reason to buy the 480? Well.. surprisingly, not entirely!

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  1. The gameing x 580 has 2 hdmi but the gaming x 1060 has 1 hdmi. only reason I'm having trouble chosing the 1060 since on many occasions, hdmi out has failed on me.

  2. : NVIDIA Corporation
    model : GP106M [GeForce GTX 1060 Mobile]
    driver : nvidia-driver-396 – third-party free recommended
    driver : xserver-xorg-video-nouveau – distro free builtin

    i bought Asus 503VD time i purchased it it was and is one of the best laptops in the market upgraded it to 32GB ram , got new SSD nvm2 samsung pro. plus 2TB storage upgrade i juiced it up .. here is the punch line

    i try to run linux ubuntu 18.04 and i have been getting the worst performance ever!!! system boots up in a generic graphics card for reason unknown and i cant seem to get my display out of 800×640 resolution and i of course have a 4k monitor conected which i cant use as external thru a HDMI connection since ubuntu does not work w/ nvidia cards properly since they linux and nvidia have lets say a horrible working relationship since they are little children they have to punish everyone else =the consumers … i tried the latest driver 396…. still no work i get no sound out of my display which i connected sound to. why? i have no idea … so i downloaded 390.77 driver which the nvidia website recommends to my hardware and still i get sh*t out of this… i boot up my computer and i cant boot up it gets me in a dead end where i have to put my log in and when i do , puts me right back to the log in.. then i control +alt+f1 2 3 4 5 6 7 and then say f*ck it esc… to the terminal to shut down again.. or i hold the power button to force shutdown. to da fact i cant boot up any longer so i have to access recovery mode which my resolution is stuck at 800x 600 and its zoomed in … where i can do sh&t. i try using the open source drivers avalable which is 390 and same problem occurs .. then i do the nouveo open source driver and again .. back it square one wasting another 24 hours on a dumb issue. i already did 4 clean installs of the ubuntu linux operation system and i am stuck…. why dont i just go back and use my dual boot windows ? cuz i dont like bill gates tryiing to kill people with his forced vacines which contain poisones…

    so where do i go from here since these two horrible business sense people linux and nvidia are playing their jokes on us , why do we have to suffer? since they have their own issues?

    i will try the first drivers released 384.111, 384.13, or 390.12 or anything in between 390.48. i have another Asus 750 rog and its working perfect w/ sound on the same display.. so my conclusion is the nvidia GTX 1060 has serious issues and the two drivers 396 and the 390. watever was not ready to release . plus this graphics card has 8gb …

    i mean you would think you can atleast not have your computer force 800 x 600 resolution and not allow external HDMI and nothing i do will give me sound thru that ..

    at this level you know people are connect this lap top to external tv or monitor guaranteed ..

    whether this two companies can not punish their customers due to their lack of business sense . and release working drivers and softwares.. i recommend stay clear away from this nvidia graphics card especially with gona be used on liinux software OS .. is clearly not worth the headache and time spend trouble shooting for the amount of money i paid for this sh*t…

    for the rresolution im gettingn 800×600 ur better off not buying nvidia cards at all… i would say linux ubuntu dont buy it but its fr33 LOL so dats a no brainer..

    linux you in da cusps of taking serous market share from windows , mac in being the best choice for OS do your job and in 3-4 years u will be on top .. so my business advice is u need all companies hardware to be really compatible w/ ur product… especially the amount of people dat pay for this graphics card for gaming like myself..

    its been the worst 2 weeks of my life i wasted atleast a week trouble shooting this and i am back to square one.. especially for the money i dropped ? clearly not worth it…

    hope this helped consumers and u two knuckle heads . feuding over spilled milk grow up…

    go here do bible study chapter by chapter verse by verse it will change ur life….click the live stream or video and just follow along..


  3. I'm happy that I want to buy this graphics card but the dollar has increased in my country and because of this I could not afford to buy it.

  4. Phenomenal card. I originally bought a XFX RX 580 8 gig and it ran hot often even with good airflow. Died after three weeks. Replaced it with a MSI GTX 1060 6 gig and I'm floored by the cool temps and excellent performance on ultra settings in everything I threw at it. Never looking back.

  5. Can someone let me know if this build is good and have enough power and all the parts are compatible

  6. 4:20 It's because a lot of games don't support SLI and it uses an insane amount of power. Like you need a pretty beefy PSU if you're going to run four GPU's.

  7. 1060 costs ~20% more, but it has ~10+% better performance? What about power consumption, it spends less than 480, so over its lifetime 1060 will be both cheaper and better performing, regardless of opinions. Yet I see AMD fanboys spamming nonsense in comments… how.. why?

  8. Wow….while comparing these benchmarks, on the most current video by JazytwoCents, comparing the RX 580 in tomb raider the FPS was 78fps vs. 76FPS and the 480 had 71fps on Ultra Settings……??????? soooo why such a big difference??

  9. Yesterday I was going to buy a GTX 1050 Ti because I was on a budget, then today I was going to buy an RX 470, a few moments later an RX 480 and a couple of hourse later, now I think I'll go with the 1060

  10. The only reason that the rx 480 can beat the gtx 1060 is because they use their own software for the physics engine for like hairs and stuff. Its like the PhyX engine in Nvidia


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