Hard Trap Sample Pack Shinagawa | Trap Drum Pads 24


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The sound pack Shinagawa meets you with the wild, aggressive sounds that have a strong hit. Over time you’ll get a better feel for what sounds from this powerful sound pack attract your attention most of all and probably one day you can find this pack among your Favourites.

Trap Drum Pads 24 is a part of free Drum Pads 24 music-making apps for iOS and Android. Making music and beats is easy with our mobile app for beat making.

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  1. this pack is awesome!
    hello drum pads 24 team, why do not you guys introduce some bollywood trap sample packs in it
    that would be so interesting i guess

  2. gonna love the new update. glad to see this app making big moves. big ups drum pad crew, almost 10 years old!!


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