How to Download a Facebook LIVE Video to your Computer


Learn how to download Facebook LIVE videos to your computer in a few simple steps. This will teach you how to download live videos for free from Facebook using Firefox.

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If you go live to Facebook, it is a powerful tool, but being able to recycle your content and post to other social media platforms; ie. YouTube, Instagram, etc is super powerful.

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  1. Thank so much! Worked perfectly for me too! You deserve my subscription, my thumbs up and this comment ❤️ take care

  2. Thank you very much. Someone else did a video tutorial but they left out a part that you clarified! Thanks so much!

  3. Hey, thanks for this. It wouldn't work for me in Firefox though. Any thoughts as to why? Every time I was about to save it, Firefox stopped responding.

  4. But if we want hd quality what to do ??
    I am downloading its downloading in 144p, i want it atleast 480p.. plz help

  5. Thank you SO much. I used to be able to download my FB lives with no problems and my normal way didn't work today and your method worked perfectly!


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