How To Download Facebook Videos Without Any Software


Learn how to download Facebook videos without using any software or online tool.

How To Download a Video On Facebook:

1. Obtain the Facebook video URL
2. Open a new tab and paste the URL in the address bar.
3. Manipulate the URL into a basic mobile URL
4. Then load the mobile interface.
5. Right click and open video in a new tab.
6. Then Right click again and save video as.

Facebook video download tools are also usable if you don’t mind them. This one from Fbideo works well on both the web and mobile interfaces:



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  1. I was using this for the previous few weeks but now THE PAGE ISNT AVAILABLE when editing the url with MBASIC. Please advise.

  2. Thanks WebPro Education! Great work here man! Followed your steps and it worked great! Keep doing a Great job Educating us!!

  3. Had used another method several months back… this is SO MUCH EASIER! Thanks for giving us all back some time in our lives.

  4. Very clear instruction, but I can't get it to work. After manipulating the URL from www to mbasic and hitting enter, I always get "can't reach this page" screen. At that point, somehow code has been added to the end of the URL that signifies a "false redirect." Any tips?


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