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Use these steps to troubleshoot the TouchPad on HP Notebooks in Windows 10. The TouchPad is a touch-sensitive surface on the ClickPad on some HP notebooks.

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Steps to troubleshoot your TouchPad in Windows 10:
1. Double tap the upper left corner of the TouchPad to turn it off, then repeat to turn it back on.
2. Reset the notebook.
Turn off and unplug the notebook.
Disconnect any external devices.
Remove the notebook battery.
Press and hold the Power button for 15 seconds to drain the power.
Reinstall the battery and plug in the notebook.
Power on the notebook and reconnect all external devices.
Run Windows Update and HP Support Assistant to update the drivers.
3. This video also includes steps to download drivers from the internet and how to restore the notebook from a previous restore point.

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How to Fix the TouchPad on HP Notebooks in Windows 10 | HP Notebooks | HP


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  1. finnaly its work after i search this vid!omg thx so much sir!my dad almost kill me for broke his laptop!u saved my day!>.<

  2. Thank you for helping me to fix this problem!! I tried many other trouble shooting and nothing worked 👍👍

  3. stupid pos search engine, I don't want to FIX the touchpad, I want to kill it with something a little less destructive than the hammer I am looking at right now.

  4. None of these options worked. My TouchPad or ClickPad currently has issues with touch-click (literally have to finger smash it to click anything) and does not respond to movement at all. If I don't plug in a mouse when I turn on the computer, the cursor disappears.

    I have reset the entire device once in an attempt to remove any software issues, but it continues to have problems. I will not unscrew the bottom of the device just to fix this, unless there is no other way.

  5. Hello Hp I’m here to tell you that my touchpad does not work I searched up several videos and I even tried yours and it won’t work my laptop is intel CORE i5 8th gen I tried a lot and it won’t help think you can help me? I really need a lot of help cause this is not my laptop it’s my brother’s

  6. My mouse pad started giving me issues less than a month after purchase…. now the 2 usb ports on the laptop just stopped working. It's the HP PAVILION x360 and it has been a nightmare. My first hp product and it's proving to be the worst thing I've ever purchased

  7. I'm sorry but how wtf am I meant to do this when my touch pad gas just randomly stopped working for no reason I can't do anything how do u think I'd go to a website

  8. HP supporter I need help. Suddenly my laptop touchpad not supporting minimizing and multi-desktop operations .what should I do for it ?

  9. Please tell me solution for my touchpad not working how to enable it i tried many steps but not worth my laptop model is hp bs179tx

  10. My touchpad works, it just sucks. It's always doing things, you don't want it to do. Simple button prompts like a left click while moving the mouse read as a right click even though I'm nowhere near the right side and a bunch of other goofy stuff.

  11. I have a school computer and randomly when I got my computer and checked my cursor was not appearing any advice

  12. How about fix your terrible quality control for the loose and noisy touchpads that are still having the same issue for three years worth of models. Everything else (besides the thick bezels) are excellent on my new Envy x360 though


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