How To Get Windows Movie Maker on Windows 10 2019 – Windows Movie Maker Download


Windows Movie Maker Download Link:

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How To Get Windows Movie Maker on Windows 10 in 2019 – Windows Movie Maker Download Instructions, Guide, Tutorial, Example, Step by Step Instructions

How to download windows movie maker for windows 10 computer – How To Download Windows Movie Maker For Free 2012, 2018, windows 7, windows 10

In this video I walk through a simple and easy step by step instructions, guide, tutorial on how to edit Youtube Videos in creator studio beta 2019. Hope this was helpful, thanks for watching!


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  1. Misleading! This is NOT the link to the MS Original Movie Maker but a trick t get you to download a similar app

  2. I just downloaded the New Windows Movie Maker from Microsoft, and immediately contacted Microsoft for a refund as you can do less than with the old Movie Maker, which I am now looking to download!

  3. OHH
    i found it
    if anyone else is confused
    if the same thing popped up for u as it did with mine
    u just scroll all the way down till u see the question "Is movie maker any good?"
    And then if u scroll down a little bit you'll see the free download thing
    i havent clicked it so im gonna comment this real quick and come back
    Edit: I repeat it works
    It works

  4. Bro what
    how do u get to that part 0:57
    I clicked on the link and something else popped up
    basically a different website but the same website at the same time
    it looked completely different
    I clicked on the download which said download mini tool movie maker and it was something else
    can someone help pls

  5. WMM is still a lot better than Win 10 Video Editor. It may have some special and extra features to spruce up a video. However, for a honest and basic video editing program that does the job easily, WMM is the one. Still use it.

  6. I tried the link but it doesn't show me the Windows Movie Maker 2019 version rather a Minitool Moviemaker version. Help pls.

  7. just got it on my windows 10 PC but MiniTool MovieMaker does not fit my screen it is way too big and many of the function bottom are not visible …how can this be fixed?


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