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Learn how to easily transfer your photos, messages, and more from your Android device to your iPhone using the Move to iOS app.

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  1. I can't believe I just watched a video on how to use an app.

    Then again, I'm looking for information on the transfer of data will keep the data on my Android phone or delete it, and if it can transfer data from third party apps (I use a third party text messaging app instead of the stock text messaging app).

    I guess I'll find out tomorrow.

  2. Does move to IOS causes my whatsapp messages to be deleted? I'm in the midst of moving to IOS now. Worried that my whatsapp messages will be deleted in the midst of it. 🙁

  3. Why are u bothering to make this vid? iPhone users are switching to Android but android users aren't switching to iPhones lol

  4. Your video listed all the things to transfer from but yet only three of those options shows on the Android device in this video. Whats up with that??

  5. I wanna move to ios but cant because all of my games is connected to google play games if there was a way to connect google play games with the game centre you font know how happy i would be including other people who are in the same position i am in stuck with the risk of losing all off their game progress starting over
    Dear apple please make a way to connect your apple game centre to the play store

  6. Im sorry this is a stupid question but when my iphone transforms pics and vids does it take from its own storage or im pretty sure it does but can someone pls answer tysm


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