How to Move to IOS From an Android device iPhone IOS 12.3


How to use the Move to IOS app on an Android device to finally move from Android to IOS. Yes you might be tired of how the apps on Android look like, we all know apps in an iPhone looks much better, and behave better sometimes.

Just go to the Play store on your Androide device and download the “Move to IOS” app. Then reset your iPhone and look for the “Move Data from Android” screen and start the process.

You will see a code display on your iPhone, just copy that code on your Android device and all your pics, movies, and contacts will move to your iPhone. If you want to install the same apps you have on your Android device to your iPhone make sure you login to your iCloud account, since that is the only way to download apps on an iPhone.

I hope you don’t get the “Could not communicate with the device” error, if so please check the comments section on my video called: “Move from Android to iPhone IOS Could not communicate with the device”:

Erase all contents and settings

Documents and data are being uploaded to iCloud, if you erase now, you will loose documents and data that are being uploaded to iCloud.

Verification failed there was an error connecting to the Apple ID server

Apple ID password Enter the Apple ID password for to erase this iPhone and remove it from your Account

Find your code
if you don’t see a code on your iPhone, make sure you are in iPhone Setup and have selected “Move data from Android”

Apps & Data
Select the option: Move Data from Android

Move from Android
If you have an Android phone or tablet, you can transfer your photos, messages, and more to this iPhone

Download the Move to IOS app on your Android device to get started:


Enter this code on your Android device

On your Android device choose what you would like to copy to your iPhone.

Transfer Data
Choose what you would like to copy to your iPhone
Google Account – Contacts – Camera Roll

Do not switch to other apps or turn off this device until transfer is complete

Transfer Complete
Your data has been copied to your new iPhone or iPad.
Some items were not copied, such as purchases apps or media, or media that is saved within apps.

Recycle your Android Phone
You can recycle this Android phone for free at any participating Apple Store

Add your Android device apps from the App Store?
Free apps will download. Apps may offer In-App purchases. To learn more about each app, tap the icon from Purchased on the App Store.
Don’t Add – Add Apps

Connect to the Internet to sign in to your iPhone

Are you sure you don’t want to use an Apple ID?
You need an Apple ID to use Apple Pay, The App Store, iTunes Store, iCloud and other services. Creating one is free and easy.

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  1. Will it transfer the apps from google play store from androids to new iPhone ? And automatically pop up on your phone after sign in to your Apple ID account?

  2. Nice. I have already setup the ipad & now i want contacts from my android phone, also i dont wanna reset my iPad

  3. Thankyou for your support bro
    I was trying my best and failed….. this is superb tutorial and finally im able to transfer… thanks

  4. Hi Alex,
    I am trying to move data from my REDMI 5A to iPhone6 (32GB) in this way.
    But while transfer reached at 46%, then stopped (iOS wifi disconnected from REDMI 5A and connecting to regular wifi). I did it several times! But the result is same.
    Can you please help me,

    Thanking you.

  5. Hello! Thanks for the video! Also, does anyone know if using the 'Move to IOS' app I can move my whatsapp chats from Android to Iphone without losing them? Thank youu.

  6. Note 8 problem is the port charger, horrible, I am switching to iphone for more sales for camera area. Not obsessed, however, I am starting to enjoy things I see already. Takes time. My provider verizon right now about 20 minute wait, so maybe this video can help.

  7. So I have a purchased application on android and I couldn't move it to my bloody new iPhone 5 I'm not paying 5 bucks just to get that bloody application


  8. For those of u trying and its not working: it hasnt been working since android the pie update apparently; this guy is also using an older version of android – thats why it works for him… we will have to find another method…


  10. Been trying to use this app "Move from Android" but it's NOT francken working. Been trying for over an hour, Not Bloody working


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