HP Scanjet 200 Flatbed Scanner Unboxing and Installing


HP Scanjet 200 Flatbed Scanner Unboxing and Installing.

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  1. Who would think one need just a scanner? Well – a small business does! →>>allmy.tips/HP-dScanner?ロ As much as we would love a paperless life – we still have a ton of it. My wife and I run a small business and she was just issued her greencard. This scanner was so valuable when it came to keeping all the immigration documents in order. This is also great for tax season. This isn't like the scanners of old – its super fast!

  2. thank you bro for this tuto
    i have HP Scanjet 3970 Scanner but i
    have no driver and the one i downloaded is for vista and xp system but
    never works under WIN 8 nor 7 …my laptop can't even detect it so i can't install it ..!
    please how can i solve this problem if you have any idea ..Thank you …

  3. my 2 pcs scanner dames 1 year 1 month & 1year 3 month the scanner
    hp scan jet 200 have present now 2 scanner same problem only black
    any body want buy ? think you can use 1 years sum thing
    my cont 008801918388345 my lose 2 pcs scanner hp scan jet 200


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