Is Ecosia legit?


In this Our Changing Climate environmental video essay, I look whether the search engine Ecosia is legit. Specifically, I figure out if Ecosia is real when they say Ecosia plants trees for every web search you make. Because there are no Snopes pieces on the Ecosia, I figured it would be important see if Ecosia is actually planting trees as they claim, as well as try to figure out whether switching from Google to Ecosia makes sense.

Check out Levi’s video on Ecosia here:

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1. Nature 2.0: Exploring and theorizing the links between new media and nature conservation (Bram Büscher):
2. Ecosia’s B Corporation certification (B Corporation):
3. An Unbiased Review of Ecosia (Path Around the World):
4. Ecosia’s financial reports (Ecosia):
5. Map of Ecosia’s tree planting projects (Ecosia):
6. Microsoft pledges to cut carbon emissions by 75 percent by 2030 (Microsoft):
7. Ecosia vs. Google: Which is the best search engine? (Ecosia):

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  1. Do you use Ecosia? What do you think of it?
    Also check out Levi's video here:

  2. I’m so sad because it’s not that ecosia slows down my browser i literally cannot go to any site with ecosia. I use the ocean one that picks up plastic bags and that’s fine.

  3. Of you like ecosia, be sure to check out oceanhero, who spend their profits to remove plastic from our oceans. every 5 searches a plastic bottle is removed!!! Also, ecosia plant a free every 45 searches, not one, this vid got it a bit wrong. Hope this helps!!!

  4. Regardless of wether Ecosia works or not, it slowed down my computer like a mf. I could barely use it before I deleted it. I would love to help plant trees, but I can't do that if I can barely search for anything in the first place.

  5. The add I got before this video started was an Ecosia add.
    also i liked that the background music was under pressure…

  6. i’ve been using ecosia for 3 years and don’t notice the difference too much

    and if i need a better result, i can just switch over to google for a second but use ecosia for daily, so why not switch!? imagine the impact if it spread

  7. Sometimes I go into Ecosia and search Ecosia then go into Ecosia and search Ecosia and repeat, just to see the tree count go up

  8. idk if anyone will see this, but if you have an android phone with customizable home screen widgets, you can have an ecosia widget search bar on your home screen!!!


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