Liquid Metal on a GTX1080 Gaming X Plus (TwinFrozr VI) – HOLY TEMPS BATMAN!


After numerous requests, I get to see how well Thermal Grizzly’s Conductonaut goes on an MSI TWINFROZR VI Card, being the GTX1080 Gaming X PLUS.

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  1. My Inno3d GTX 1080 Ti reaches up to 80c while gaming, shall I repaste it? Airflow isn't the best in my case (NZXT S340).

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  3. the less heatpipes and smaller radiator and fans it has the larger the effect will be. with this very good msi cooler it's not a very big improvement

  4. What is your ambient temperature?! I've got a watercooled GTX 1080ti with practically the same temperatures as you get on air. I have an MSI Gaming X model and stock cooler in my office got 66C under load.

  5. The most unrealistic test condition. I am pretty sure everyone has an open test bench and 20 degrees C inside. Every other reviewer hits between 64-70 temp on stock and yet you hit the magik under 60.

  6. You should apply some small layer of nail polish on the resistors around your GPU. This avoid them from getting damaged by the liquid Metal, its conductive.
    I just wonder how you can get thos stable clockspeeds without doing the Powermod 🙂

  7. Oh please do more of these if u can, I love these videos. Maybe try an amd gpu because those are notorious for higher temps?

  8. I had this card and it was one of the best graphics cards I ever had. Mine ran so cool though with a 55%-60% fan curve that I saw no need to ever to do something like this. I mean even gaming for hours on end this card would be hovering around 63-65C. Not loud at all either. MSI builds good quality parts.

  9. Bro can I use normal paste like the ones for cpu ? And when do you recommend I do so ? I'm buying a used one

  10. Your temps are extremely low, even before you applied the liquid metal, is it because you have an open ended case?

  11. Hello. Can you pls help me in deciding which graphics card to buy, MSI 1080TI GAMING X or TRIO GAMING X? In my country difference in price is about 150$ dollars and for me, that a bit too much. I am afraid in deciding to buy MSI 1080ti with just 2 fans becaue people say that tempature will be huge problem then in graphics card with 3 fans? Is it safe for me to buy with 2 fans? Thank you!

  12. has anyone tried LM on a STRIX-GTX980-DC2OC-4GD5 vs thermal paste like mx-4. I also tried looking up what the heatsink contact plate is made of, I am assuming it's nickel plated copper?

  13. wait, so taking off the cooler of an after-market (at least this one) voids the warranty??? i'd rather buy a reference card (which doesn't have this) and throw liquid metal on it than get one where you void the warranty to change the paste or clean out.

  14. MSI GTX GAMING 1070 Ti 8gb heaven same run oc 2062mhz,+805 memory 114.3 with low 40.8 high 259.8 temp in room 78f max recorded 69c gpu

  15. Many of these test are done on OPEN test benches. Usually people tend to use closed PC cases and in there, the cooking is done. The air can't exit properly or something similar, not a single case has a perfect airflow.

    Also, the only good reason you should re-paste your GPU is if you have been using it for a few years, intensively. Like watching 3D – VR – FULL – DIVE – anime – porn intensively.

    Good quality video otherwise.

  16. This does not void the warranty. I have an MSI GAMING X 1080 and I called before replacing the thermal paste and pads, and they said that it would not void the warranty. As long as there is no physical damage done.

  17. That is the most beautiful PC I've ever seen in the background there. Do you have a spec list for that? Also how is the liquid metal at this time? Nice Channel.

  18. Hey mate I know you're probably over doing liquid metal on gpu vids but how about a comparison of one of the older amd cards that ran hot as satans balls, like a 290x or something?

  19. I did this yesterday on my MSI GTX 1080 Ti Gaming X 11G. Temps dropped 4ºC with the fan on "Auto" and 8ºC with the fan @100% speed (should have tested something less overkill like 65% speed but oh well). That's within margin of error of your 7ºC result. I got it down to 57ºC (overclocked of course 2000-2025 Mhz). That's crazy low. While gaming with the fan on "Auto" it tops @ 72ºC and 1600rpm so the noise level is highly reduced. It's clear that the paste MSI uses, while not bad, is bottlenecking the Twin Frozr cooler for sure.

  20. I want to do this to my 1080 FTW. It’s always at 70-75 OC’d and I would rather be at low to mid 60s … great vids btw I subbed but then saw you are inactive 🙁


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