Mamma Mia | 맘마미아 – Episode 23: The Korean Wave Idol Special (2013.10.06)


The Korean Wave Idol Special : Gyuri of KARA’s mom chose Andy as a potential son-in-law! Minzy says she spent the most time as trainee out of all the 2NE1 members! We’ll show you the schedules of these Korean wave idols! It will all be revealed on this episode of Mamma Mia!
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  1. Kyuhyun and his mother are just like me and my chocolate sweet cake mom we always kiss each other from the mouth 😶🌹💙

    Omma Saranghae 😍🌹

  2. I love how Kyu take care his mom. He always hold his mom’s hand! Get a body touch through the show haha

    Gyuri’s mom is so cute!

  3. came here for minzy but chunji reminds me of how much I love teen top since debut <3
    idr my bias though :') I think it might've been chunji (I know it was a vocalist) til I got into vixx and then boom.

  4. LOL! Gyuri's mom said Andy is a bit old?? Since Andy looks so young, I had to double-check Gyuri's birthday and saw that they're only 7 years apart!! >< LOL, Andy's 17 years older than me and I would consider him/someone like him 😛
    His reaction was adorable when Yeongji asked what type of food he'd eat with, with a girlfriend… Hope my baby has a girlfriend now <33

    Very adorable when the children gifted their mothers with certificates 🙂 LOL at our MC for dressing up as that Granny! But I wish Aliee, Juri, Shinji, and Andy talked a lot more…were they only invited to screw us up when we tried to guess who the child of each mother is? ;-—-; Their cheers were nice though, especially the energy from the ladies and Shy Guy Andy who acted like he wasn't a part of it at first, lol! But nice episode overall!


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