MPAndroidChart Tutorials Better Than Android GraphView 1- Beautiful Animated Pi Chart


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MP Android Chart Library Example
Using these libraries, drawing charts on Android could never be simpler. MPAndroidChart library works on Android API 8 and above, but if you are using animations, it works on API 11 and above. Animations is one of the greatest features apart from easy data input, this library could have. Some how I feel animations give good user experience to an application. Through MPAndroidChart library, we can use more than 25 inbuilt animations, also can define custom animations. When making charts on Android MPAndroidChart library which falls under the Apache 2.0 license, we can draw a:

Simple Bar Chart
Grouped Bar Chart
Horizontal Bar Chart
Simple Line Chart
Line Chart with Cubic Lines
Grouped Line Chart
Combined Line and Bar Chart
Pie Chart
Scatter Chart
Candlestick Chart
Radar Chart

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  1. hello can you do a tutorial on how to fetch data from Firebase database to use it as the value for the pie chart thank youuu

  2. if we put more than 10 data points and there is a large gap between values like some are very small and some are very large than everything gets messed up can you guide me on how to solve this problem?

  3. Hello, I'm using the same library to create a pie chart. However the horizontally aligned squares below the pie chart continue of the screen. Can you please tell me how to align them vertically so I can solve this problem.

  4. Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wolud like to know how to fetch data from mysql and use it to draw graphs.

  5. please tell us how to add new data set on any click event? LIke if I click on an autocomplete text view, it should another data set to another index without removing the previous

  6. the sync process gets completed successfully but im not able to access pie chart could you please help me ??


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