MSI 1080 Ti Lightning Tear-Down


We tear-down the new MSI GTX 1080 Ti Lightning overclocking card, look over the PCB & FETs, then talk cooling solutions.
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Host: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman

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  1. I know it's not the original color MSI started with the name of this gpu but they should have stuck with Yellow for the Lightning..

  2. Gamers Nexus keeping nerd real since well since fake channels pretending to know what they are talking about, love the videos, best computer channel on youtube bar none well maybe except for digital foundry, digital foundry and gamers nexus both the top tier channels in gaming and computer hardware, everything else is amateurs.

  3. I wanted one of these Cards so badly, but sadly only 10 where to sent to South Africa and they where sold in no time at all…Thanks MSI

  4. Hey man , My utility the Mystic light doesn't turn on, Don't u know what's the problems? Also Gaming APP is buG*

  5. This is only the tear down. Where's the full performance review with overclocking? I can't find your performance review with overclocking anywhere. Why haven't you posted it? It's almost been 3 weeks since this video was put up on youtube and it's still not here.

  6. It'd be interesting to see how the MSI 1080Ti Lightning cooler holds up to the competition. So far the other reviews say it is the top tier:

    Seems to be very good. Maybe add a small heatsink on the backplate for surface area and a heatpipe along the VRM.


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