MSI Gaming X Geforce GTX 1050 Ti – Life's Good at 1080p


Look, 4K and 1440p are awesome resolutions to play at, but with 1080p still the most widely-used resolution among gamers, it’s good to take a look at one of the best graphics cards for 1080p: the Gaming X version of the Geforce GTX 1050 Ti from MSI.

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  1. thanks , been looking for a decent review on this gpu , will be a huge improvement over my gtx 710 XD

  2. Does anyone think this GPU would run well with a Ryzen 2200g and 8gb ram? It's a budget build for overwatch and such…

  3. Notebook in 1440p res would be downright impossible to see , just cant see that and leads in to problems , even for larger screens . OVerclock wont do anything , its not overvolting , its OCes all by it self with boost clocks . Im not calling that OC but it is

  4. The 1050 Ti is $180-200 in Aus and the 1060 3gb is $350-400, with this in mind the Gtx 1050ti that can achieve well over 60 FPS on all titles with smooth frames on high is a great buy when the 1060 will only achieve 30 percent better performance and at 1080 p who cares if you have 200 FPS compared to 300 1050ti FTw I. My opinion

  5. I’m not sure about these figures I benched this card at high and got way more FPS , lots of games over 144fps and most aaa at over 60fps ! ?? Uni gen valley was 81.6 FPS on g
    High, wtf did you do to it??

  6. If you had a 770 2GB, would you swap the a 1050 Ti 4GB? I barely noticed a difference. If I had a micro case and power was a concern, the 1050 Ti would be a no brainer.

  7. ''This is the GTX 1050, it is factory overclocked, and is a little bit better then the GTX 1050.'' lol….

  8. As it stands now the 1050ti is the best in this price bracket!
    Rx470/570 have gone through the roof in price due to mining.

  9. RX 470/570 are power hogs.
    Add another $100 for a power supply.
    Good luck finding one for less than $300. Hahahahahaha! You'll spend a total of $500 just to get lame Polaris performance.

    Might as well buy a GTX 1080 which kicks the crap out of every AMD card including pathetic VEGinA.


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