MSI Gaming X GTX 1080 Review


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MSI Gaming X GTX 1080 Review



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  1. You've got to be desperate to pay that rip off price! I'll move to console before I pay prices like that.

  2. How many fps would it run fortnite at ? Someone answer pls I'm looking at parts to build my very first gaming pc…

  3. I had to come back and reference your overclock. I just got this card myself and overclocked it past your speeds with a 160 on the core but couldnt meet your speeds on the memory. But, I was a bit surprised I got overclocking numbers higher than yours

  4. This card is coming in in the next couple of days and i have a question about the power plug on the card…So it has an 8 pin and 6 pin. Do i need 2 separate coards going to it? like 1 cord from PSU to 8 pin. And then another from PSU to 6 pin??? or can I use 1 cord from PSU to 8 pin, with a 6pin jumper off the 8?? hahaha does that make any sense???

  5. Dude what do you buy you’re parts of pls tell me I want to build a pc but need the cheapest best value parts

  6. 0:47 my brain wasnt prepared for that amount of cringe and i literally had goosebumps from that level of cringe.

  7. i just bought one of this but not the X version (just 'normal' gaming version), in terms of fps how much difference it does ?

  8. Currently waiting on one of these to be delivered. Just wanted to check out an expert opinion to see what I'm in for. Nice video man.

  9. @bitwit…

    hoping you can help me here. how do you reduce or fix coil whine? the sound is coming from the psu which I have a CX750M bronze. the gpu i have is a msi gtx 1080ti 11gb gaming x. however the sound comes from the psu when in game or when watching videos.

  10. I have the same gpu Intel core i7 67000 k but I don't get as much near to the fps he gets when I'm on medium settings and my pc can't handle it can it be that I have a 60 hertz monitor please help

  11. Im super late to the party but I did manage to find a brand new gaming x card for only $590 incl shipping and this crazy WAT/Tax we got going on in the EU.. real nice find and a massive upgrade to the old gtx 770.

  12. Hello, i need help my psu came with a a cable that has on the other end an 8pin to connect to the psu and the other end it splits up into 2 6+2 pins can i use that one cable to power this msi gtx 1080 gaming x or do i need to buy another cable? The psu is corsair rm550x

  13. i just baught this card but i'm afraid to OC it because i have only 600 w . i'm not sure if 6oow is enough


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