MSI GeForce GTX 1060 – 3GB Gaming X – Review


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This is, in my opinion, the new “value leader” at the $200 price point. For 1080p gaming for the next 3 years, this is the card to buy.

That being said, as an alternate option, the AMD RX 480 is another great choice and as I explain in the video, is a perfectly fine option to consider as well.

AMD RX 480 @ – — @ Newegg –

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If you need to replace your power supply:
EVGA 400 Watt Power Supply (includes 6-pin + 8-pin PCI-E Power) – — –


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  1. Not a gamer here but a video creator enthusiast. Miners are now unloading 1060's for $75-100USD. Would this card provide a noticeable boost in encoding/re-coding video's?

  2. Your Videos are the best…if i want to know something about a hardwear I always type the name of the hardwear and type explain are the best🔥

  3. I would like to see a range of power supply's and Graphics cards that don't have silent gaming tech for enthusiasts that expect the best…….Looks like I'm still going to have to run GPU Tweak.

  4. Hello tech , with the recent price hike on the 1070s ,,,,(now $999.99 on new egg for the TI ) im going to buy the msi 1060 but at $640 for this card i think is crasy , im ready to chuck it in the dumpster and give up on this new build ,, im so agravated with these pric

  5. Right now this card is 235 euro while the gigabyte is 220, the 6gb version is 320 euro for the msi and gyga 285, actually my badget is around 250 , should I buy the msi right now of wait for the 6 version , I really wanna the msi one ..

    P.s sorry for poor English

  6. who else watching this in end of 2017 and laughing at the sentence “the RX 480 is around 200 dollars”😂

  7. I have i7 3770, 16 gb ram, ssd 120 gb, hdd 1TB and 400W power supply. If I install 1060 3gb would 400W be ok? Please reply! Thanks!

  8. This guy is really awesome. I'm not that guy who can watch stuff over 5 minutes in YouTube. But literally tech deals make me watch over more than half of its video length. 15 to 20 minutes. Really it's so acknowledging to listen to this man.


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