MSI GTX 1050 Ti Gaming X 4G Review – Taking The Budget Crown Back



The MSI GTX 1050 Ti Gaming X 4G model falls under the nVidia’s new budget lineup of GPU’s which doesn’t go easy on its competition

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●Test system configuration:
CPU – Intel Core i7 6700K –
MBO – ASRock E3V5 WS –
GPU – varies
RAM – ADATA Dazzle 2 x 8 GB DDR4 2800 MHz –
SSD0 – Intel 730 SSD 240 GB –
SSD1 – Plextor M6V 256 GB –
Cooling – Arctic Freezer i32 –
PSU – Seasonic Prime 80Plus Titanium 750W –
Driver – WHQL 375.63
OS – Windows 10 64-bit –
Main Monitor – AOC U3477PQU –

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  1. GIGABYTE H310M-S2H is my motherboard. Got the gpu today but i dont have the 6 pin connectors. I think its neeeded so ill buy today. Or do i have a crappy incompatible motherboard? Hope you see this. Thanks in advance man

  2. my vga D.A gtx 1050 ti storm x palit, recently the temperature has reached 71 degrees when playing games, is this still normal?

  3. Doing a decent build with a red and black scheme because I bought some LED strips and some nice looking red wrap for the hard drive.

  4. I have a 1050ti the same as that one in the video and my fans don't run on mine at all untill it get hot any ideas how to manually set the fans on the card and great video

  5. Is MSI GTX 1050 Ti Gaming X 4G better than Gtx 1050 Ti G1 Gaming 4G because i don't know who graphics to buy ??

  6. I just bought this same exact card a few hours ago. My pc is a cyberpower prebuild that came with a radeon rx240 2gb card. I added 16gbs of ram for a 20 of total. Honestly it runs almost everything pretty decently, but I'm excited to install this and see what the difference is..


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