MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X: Benchmarks and Review


It’s finally here, and it’s magical.

EDIT: 6/22/16
A week or so after I uploaded this review, it was brought to public light that MSI, among other AIBs, had been sending reviewers cards with pre-tweaked firmware running an overclocked profile that clocked beyond the advertised factory OC. This information was never made up front to me before or while I was conducting my review, and explains why the MSI GTX 1070 benchmark results you see in this video rival the GTX 1080 FE’s performance so closely. While neither myself or other reviewers affected had no way of telling our samples were tampered, I apologize nonetheless for any confusion or misinformation that the performance numbers in this video may have caused. As far as we know now, the GPUs sent to reviewers were not binned, so retail customers of the MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X can still achieve similar results as the one in this video by clicking the OC profile button within the MSI Gaming App (assuming I didn’t receive a highly binned GPU organically). Still, let’s hope AIBs are more transparent in the future to maintain the integrity of honest reviews and the tech community.

▷ Fractal Define Nano S:

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MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X: Benchmarks and Review



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  1. MSI More Cooling than Strix But Strix low consumption and noise and only just 8xpin MSI 8x pin and 6 xpin for overclock

  2. Bought this card 2 months ago. This thing is a beast and I still wasn't disappointed with the reveal of the 1070 ti. Plan to keep this one for a while

  3. Hi i was just wondering which cpu and memory would pair best with the msi 1070 gaming X ? and is it still worth buying now ?

  4. Such a professionally made review but cant even get the price right lmao. The 1070 at this date (Oct 15 2017) is going for $450 US not the $350 advertised…. You can get the 1060 for $350 but not the 1070!


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