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MSI GTX 1070 Ti Gaming, Overclocking, Power & Thermals

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  1. Sorry about the limited testing on this one guys, it’s been a rough week. I promise I’ll make it up to you very soon 🙂 Anyway as always really appreciate all the support!

  2. what is the best processor for these Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Ti 8G? plss anybody reply me so I can Build now my Computer 🙂 thank you.

  3. I came from the future, year 2019. Good news guys, Steve recovered from his mild throat infection and reviewing new series of GPU's like the GTX 1600 and Super RTX. (and yes 1600's, we came a long way). i love you 3000

  4. Thank you for this review! It's made my decision concrete to purchase one that I found of Facebook marketplace for $265. Well worth it since I can overclock and get 1080 stock performance.

  5. Year later here I am. Thank you for this vid. Proud owner of this card. Nice to know with small OC I can have 2070 with RTX turned off. 🙂

  6. Hopefully you reply. So I have the same graphics card with a similar overclock, except it doesn’t run quiet at all. My fan speed gets up to 90% and the gpu hits 80-85 C. Why is this happening. I have a front mounted aio if you think that’s the problem. Really lost because me previous 970 with the same front aio config never hit 75 C.

  7. Hey mate thanks for your video, sorry my english is little bad as i learned it from school, but i like your channel and already subscribed 😀 😀

    That video is so amazing, maybe i will buy GTX 1070 ti in the next period after a little price drop, but i have just 1 question and i hope for help:

    As i just got my 1st gaming PC, i didn't know much stuff about overclocking, here i need to ask you:

    Does overclocking the GPU is different from the CPU ? so just 1 step only to get 1070 ti overclocked ??
    What about cooling needs? my PC already has 2 front intakes from 3 installed and 1 rear exhaust, but it can support more 2 exhaust in the top and 1 intake front down the case but that maybe useless, anyways what about cooling needs to keep my GPU protected from over-heating ?? Do i need to install the 2 tops ??

    HINT: my case is Cooler Master MB511, 2 front intakes are cougar turbine 120mm cooling fan

    Thanks in advance.

  8. Honestly the card is in a weird spot.. But it's 110$ cheaper where I live compared to it's 1080 counterpart which is alot of money that you can put into other components (like CPU, RAM).

  9. WHY IS EVERY REVIEWER MISSING THE POINT OF THIS CARD IN OC MODE! At ( STOCK 60/75/100/ OC fps ULTRADWIDE AND IN 1920X1080 120-144FPS )* in the now gaming popular ultrawide monitors, this beast will do well and leave meat on the bone in most cases. Where a 1080 and 1080ti are faster but if you hate screen tearing you are going to lock your monitor to its refresh rate. That being the case, a 1080 being 6-14% faster means nothing. Why leave a ton of meat on the bone. The only time to buy 1080 is to reach 144fps hit or miss at 1080 OC or a 1080ti to hit 144fps lock and higher hit or miss.

    So with most of the population buying mid range monitors this card is THE MOST PERFECT FIT OF ALL REGARDLESS OR PRICE. THROW in the price savings and BOOM! WINNER!

  10. nice, what about the gigabyte gtx 1070ti gaming 8g? i couldn't find any benchmarks with thermals on it, anyone has experience with this card?

  11. I plan on reaching 75 fps on ultra wide 1080p on games like cod gta V and fortnite on at least high. I will be using 16gb of ram and Ryzen 5 2600x, but I'm wondering if I should get a 1060 6gb or 1070 ti for 210$ more?

  12. Going to order an EVGA SC version of this card tomorrow @ +$150 over MSRP. I think the no factory overclock reason is because it would then make the 1080 Reference cards not worth buying.


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