MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X Review & Overclocking


Our review of the MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X aims to be among the most comprehensive available, conducting overclocking benchmarks, noise testing (dB), thermal benchmarks, and gaming tests. Read more here:

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Host: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman

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  1. I've been very happy with mine. Got it back in 2017 but only recently getting a cpu and motherboard that can take advantage of it's power. The AMD FX 4350 wasn't really the best match. Using an I7-6700 with it now and about to upgrade to an RX Ryzen 7 3800x

  2. Steve, or anyone else, allow me to pick your brain.

    My 1080 Gaming X is running super hot and even worse, super loud.
    Even playing a near decade old game, Mafia 2, the card hits a max of 83C while the fans are at 80-85%.
    On newer more demanding games it's worse. 100% fan speed can be reached.
    With furmark(i know i know, it's not good) the fans hit 100% while the temps go over 90.

    This is in a Meshify C. My case fans are on a pretty conservative setting. If I remove the side window the temps improve a little bit but definitely not to normal levels still.
    Seeing all the reviews, this card should not hit more than 75, MAYBE 80C in my ~20-24C room.

    I opened the card a little while ago, since it's out of warranty anyway, and replaced the thermal paste with some MX-4. Nothing really changed.
    I saw a post on reddit about a user opening up their card and it had no thermal paste. I was really hoping that was my case as well but alas, there was paste.

    The card was bought used so I can't know for sure what was done with it before me.
    I'm at a complete loss.

  3. Hello, i need help my psu came with a a cable that has on the other end an 8pin to connect to the psu and the other end it splits up into 2 6+2 pins can i use that one cable to power this msi gtx 1080 gaming x or do i need to buy another cable? The psu is corsair rm550x

  4. I have a asus gtx 1080 Strix advanced edition my oc Settings are +160 mhz on the clock Speed, 1010mhz on the Memory Speed nope this is not a joke. Ofc 120% Powerlimit +100% vcore and it work completly fine max temps in bf1 are 77C

  5. The 1080 is $600 or less now you whiners. Also MSRP stands for manufacturers suggested retail price, a vendor is allowed to charge whatever they want for something, it's a free market.

  6. is it weird that when I got mine it's boost clock speed is 1949 out of the box? I haven't changed anything on it

  7. Wait… Wasn't the Founders edition supposed to be the more expensive card?
    I should've known better… WTF Nvidia!

  8. U keep speaking about these cards but when are they coming out every time i go on overclockers, scan or any other website all i see is pre-order and will they be cheaper when they come out or the same price 🙂

  9. Is there any difference between the MSI Gaming and MSI Gaming X 1080s? Is the only difference between two that the Gaming X comes pre-OC and the other doesn't? They both have the same OC potential right?

  10. So, I thought price is only a problem around here because the local distributors are greedy which they usually are. Turns out it is a global thing.

  11. The amount of abuse he gives this card in the video is like watching my own writing or seeing kids destroy expensive gifts do you have your job or something >_<


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