MSI GTX 1080 Ti Gaming X Review & Thermal Analysis


Our in-depth review of the MSI GTX 1080 Ti Gaming X, including thermal testing, overclocking, and game benchmarks.
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  1. ‘Built in reference with a better cooler’ exactly what I have done. Turbo 1080ti with a Morpheus ii gets me 2113mhz @ 52 degrees and 1.063v think I won the silicon lottery with the worst odds (blower card)

  2. I bought this card when eBay had the 15% off everything coupon a few weeks before the RTX launch. I bought this because it was one of the cheapest and it had a competent VRM and a fairly beefy heatsink. Except with the maxed voltage and power target sliders in Afterburner mine only will OC about 50mhz on the core 🙁
    So much for buying for OCing capability, but still a sweet card!

  3. Hi.I have 77c in gamming in more games with these gpu.its normal or not? my case is phanteks enthoo pro intake 140mm,one outtake fan 140mm.thx

  4. Heyy i just bought a Msi Gtx 1080 Ti Gaming X and the back plate gets hell Hot and spreads heat into my CPU radiator i have a Cooler master 212 EVO the space between them is nearly a HDD! i have god airflow 2 in take in the front and one back all fans are fractal design GP 14!


  5. i have that im 14 yrs old people think its crazy cuz i got it with a x99 tomahawk and i7 6850k which is apparently not good enough for the 1080ti

  6. Seriously, I love all of the information these reviews have. It really breaks it down so well with the stuff that matters! Thank you for doing these reviews!

  7. I mine zcash with my, i will thermal throttle in about 20min of mining. Currently sitting at 1873mhz at 78c my gpu boost shoud have it near 2000mhz

  8. Can somebody help me please?! I want this card so hard! and i have H100i V2 in the front of the Define Nano S, i have lost 55mm of clearance, can i still buy this card???

  9. When comparing MSI's thermal solution with the one Gigabyte has chosen for their Aorus XTreme, I feel a bit uncomfortable for my GamingX. While Gigabyte has covered all potential hotspots with thermal pads and have made use of the backplate as an integrated part of the overall cooling solution, MSI did neither.
    I wonder if there is any opportunity to improve an MSI GTX 1080Ti GamingX in a similar way, i.e., apply thermal pads for the sections which have no contact to the cooler and make use of the backplate as a cooler as well.
    The reason for me to ask: I bought the MSI because at the time of buying over here in Germany it was the only 1080Ti available besides the Strix – which has an even poorer cooling system. I am very happy with the build quality and the performance when my rig's case is open. However, the Fractal Design Define R5 is noise insulated and has just one 14 cm output fan at the rear which has to blow out the heat of the graphics card and the CPU (i7-7700K). I know this concept is not perfect for quenching out the last bit of performance and needs an upgrade on ventilation, but I keep thinking of improving the cooler design of my MSI as well to achieve the best possible results.
    Any helping feedbak is highly appreciated.

  10. This is what a review should be. Not like the other 3 minute "rev…." …… "sales promotions"…. cough…. yes. thank you.


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