MSI GTX 1080 Ti Gaming X Tear-Down


This tear-down of the MSI GTX 1080 Ti Gaming X looks at the new cooler, PCB, and VRM. For full VRM analysis, check back soon! Our review will go live this week, including full thermal coverage.

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  1. Thanks for watching! Our coverage ft. Buildzoid is coming up this week for the VRM analysis, and we'll be reviewing & overclocking the GPU in short order. Stay tuned for that. Unrelated: We now have a GN merch store online! You can find a link to that in the description above.

  2. Hi, guy, we are professional seller for Video card fan on Amazon, Could we talk on whatsapp ? We can offer you many different fan for different different video card .  waiting for your reply, thank you.

  3. where is the visual difference ? how do i know witch one is witch without plugin it in ?

  4. I've had this card since release. Oc'd to 2005mhz. Never go over 76°c even after hours of hard play. Truly an amazing gpu.

  5. Msi did a lot of silly things a lot of times back in the day around Nvidia's 500 series GPU's I bought an MSI 570 and failed very frequently and when opened it up as announced by them or the marketing about the SFC and premium components I founded only one in that and the remaining were normal cheap quality chokes and parts after a long 3 months battle I got my money back and bought the Asus one but it failed just after the warranty expired.

  6. I kinda love MSI cooler design, Red is one of my go to colors only beaten by Pink, and since no one makes a pink graphics card MSI is my go to. Also Dragons

  7. the backplate really traps heat. I have three MSI 1070Ti which have similar to 1080ti design. Plus, one Gigabyte 1070 at the very last slot. Two MSI card that are placed in first slots are the hottest. The third one, is pretty cool. The difference between these three MSI cards is that there is one 1070 card without backplate in front of the third (the coolest) MSI card. First two MSI have almost no space in-front of the fans. The third card has twice larger space in-front of the fans. The temperature of the first two cards after 15 minutes of rendering 87-90deg, third one 10!!!-15!!! deg lower. I added a big fan blowing air towards MSI cards, as it was suggested by an IT guy. Didn't help much, but made the third MSI a bit cooler. First two cards are still hot. He suggested to install an extremely powerful and very noisy super fan. I said to him that he is bad person )))) Again, there is only one difference between three of them, the volume of free space between cards. Removing backplates can really help to cool down the cards. You can even use a formula to find how airflows changes with increasing or decreasing volume of free space in front of the fans. Luckily it's very easy to do ))) Have no idea why some IT guys are so lazy to just to spent 10 minutes for calculation and then just carefully look at the system they have built to understand what is the problem in. Knowledge is a power! 🙂

  8. [Sean Connery from the Last Crusade voice] "You didn't think MSI would actually put an unnecessary thermal pad there, did you? …[To MSI]… You didn't put it there, did you? … You *did*!"

  9. Are the fans of the 1080ti directly screwed on the radiator ? or are they monted on the plastic of the red and black shroud/carter ?

  10. I think removing one 1GB chip was kinda pointless. Why not have 12GB instead?
    You don't really save much money from that 1GB less.

  11. Does anyone know if it possible to remove the plastic shroud only without removing the back-plate or aluminium heat-sink?
    I'm thinking of spraying the shroud.

  12. what would happen if you lets say had a spare 1080ti msi x card, mand didnt wanna sli them sop you soldered off a vram chip and soldered it on the missing slot?

  13. Should I grab this one now or wait for the EVGA custom ones to come back in Stock? I really want a Ti to go with my new PC build. But I'm having a really hard time picking the right Ti. I considered the Founders Ones but I read the air flow isn't as great and it's missing the DVI port. Some help would be appreciated.

  14. 12:05 It is not pointless it problably cost more to adjust the machinery to leave out that thermal pad. And looks silly to who? 0.01% of the users will tear down a card. Guess MSI did not cout on the 50000 views on this channel who now are baffled with sillyness.

  15. Those "Star" screws are tensions screws but i hardly knew them a year ago, i wish i could afford one of those… vets these days you know 😛

  16. When does this release? I can't stand the no release date BS. I'm looking to grab 4 to replace my Quad 980 Ti setup before they are sold out but I'm sure ill miss that.


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