MSI GTX 1080ti Gaming X Review | 4K Gaming Master


Can the MSI GTX 1080ti Gaming X OC 11G beat the fierce competition from the Asus STRIX GTX 1080ti OC? Lets take a look at this monster of a 4K gaming GPU!

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MSI GTX 1080ti Gaming X Review | 4K Gaming Master



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  1. Great video man. I got the Gigabyte GTX 1080 ti and please if possible to advise me about the settings for over clock my card. I’m using it for P3d v4 flight simulator. Boost clock and memory clock speeds please. Looking for your advise

  2. Good morning Andrew (TechteamGB),

    Firstly, great channel. I enjoy a British perspective on the latest tech, despite enjoying watching Linus, and Kyle from Bitwit fairly regularly.
    I have used your Amazon affiliate on several occasions, I am not sure how much that helps?

    One the graphics card front, I was hoping for the GTX 1080 Ti perform a little better – smashing the 60fps barrier at max settings on all games.
    Due to the timing, I feel compelled to wait out for Vega and Volta to see how they perform and effect the market. Any thoughts?

  3. I'm torn between this card and the EVGA SC2. I don't like the look, luckily my ideal motherboard is also red and black.


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