MSI GTX 1080Ti GAMING X Review (Benchmarks and Overview)


Is the 1080 TI worth It’s steep price tag? The Gaming X 1080 TI from MSI offers great performance but is it lagging slightly behind in the looks department?

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  1. i just bought this card today at just $279.35 from a seller (who bought this graphics card at bulk quantity at wholesale prices)….its a (brand new pack piece with 3 years of warranty)……….hahahhaha what a deal i got….!!! i was going to buy a RTX2060 but i got this instead….this card is total beast!!! what a performance…..i get around 180+ fps on most games at 1080p ultra

  2. msi is idiot because at this range every gpu perform same.. what makes them different is cooler and silence and in 2017 RGB.. and in style and rgb MSI just fail.. Msi desigb department are such a idiot i think

  3. thanks for the review! just ordered this card, so pumped, 4K gaming on my 2017 LG OLED TV is going to be jaw dropping. couldn't care less about the aesthetics personally, I respect that others do, but I'm trying to play games, not stare at a technicolor glowing box from outer space… SO PUMPED!!!

  4. "While it's not entirely long, the width makes up for it." That whats she definitely said to me last night.

  5. Replace the red parts with RBG and they'd sell like hotcakes.. This color-scheme alone is keeping the card out of my consideration entirely. With most of the 1080Ti's being very similar ability-wise – it comes down to aesthetics and this just doesn't work for me.

  6. yes, the only bad point about MSI the totally absence of difference bewteen model. At least red AMD and green Nvidia, or something better, to be more different model to model 😉 too difficult to distinguish cards.

  7. A sex joke Marcus? Really? Lol. But I totally agree with you on the card aesthetics. Sure they could but RGBs in and default them to red, but come on MSI, the PC Master Race demand their power, let us choose the color of our cards. If they really wanna be like Trump though and be bullhardy steadfast in keeping the red and black theme though, I would suggest a compromise of both. Having parts of the shroud red and black, but have their logo RGB and either part of the red or black shroud around the fans to be RGB as well. Please pass a note to them Marcus: it's 2017 and the future is RGB and full of color.

  8. Um, every PC Gamer wants RGB? I thought it looked cool for a while, but every manufacturer is overdoing it now, and I’m sick of it tbh. Not only that, but it’s a justification PC hardware companies use to charge more for the components. Give me a gaming PC that can play games without a hitch at a given resolution and I’m good.

  9. Bang on honest review Marcus. I hope MSI take on board some of the criticism mentioned in this review and move forward.

  10. My opinion is that MSI looses a lot of customers just because of the "A E S T H E T I C S" of their gaming EVERYTHING, i had to go asus in my rx480 purchase just because of it

  11. Totally agree with getting rid of the red and black. I really don't need a 1080ti, (would love one, but…) and was looking at the 1070 Quicksilver. Loved the white and black, but again they had to put red on it and I didn't like that so went with a Galax Hall of Fame 1070. Beautiful.

    One thing bugging me about these thicker cards taking up 2 1/2 to 3 slots…they need to make motherboards to accommodate them. If you have 2 cards, many mobo/case combos will not allow optimum airflow. Also, they block some of the pci slots. May not make a difference to some, but my case/mobo combo won't allow more than one of these thick cards. (MSI Mpower Z170 wi/Phanteks Enthoo Evolve.) Oh well, saved the price of a second card.

    Edit: Meant to also say, nice review as always!

  12. Great video – keep'em coming

    Your data labels in the benchmarks aren't legible on a standard smartphone (to me at least). Consider changing the font size.

  13. Great video, really enjoyable, I am running a pair of these and I am really impressed at 4K… "very" highly recommended ! 😉… for anyone interested …I was worried about temps due to them being fatties …but fatties… but maxed out settings at 4K.. after a few hours … last light..GTA v …66 max and 80 max … with auto fans … running in 400s case … 2 top silent wings ..2 front silent wings 1 rear silent wings and an i7 7700k with dark rock pro 3


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