MSI GTX1080 GAMING X 8G – Performance and Overclocking Review


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MSI GTX1080 GAMING X 8G – Performance and Overclocking Review | JayzTwoCents



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  1. After watching this, with the latest Nvidia gaming driver (445.87 released 4/15/20), Oc'd my 1070 Gaming X 8Gb to 2075Mhz but it crashed at exactly 2100Mhz as well, no golden ticket here from the silicon lottery either. lol Still going to test higher memory OC, i've read +250-300 in forums from a few years ago, but only my silicon will tell. lol

  2. 3 years later and I still love this card! Now that they're cheaper I'm thinkin about getting a second one and watercooling em both when I have the money!

  3. Interesting, mine is going strong on 2030 Mhz, voltage increased 20%, did not touch memory, power limit 120%. I will try to increase voltage 100% and see how far can it go.

  4. hey. i just ran a USERBENCHMARK and saw my MSI GTX1080 GAMING X 8G is "under expectations" -> so, i searched the benchmarks for somebody with my CPU and gtx ( and it shows that with exact same stock speeds of the gtx, mine is performing 15% worse. What the? Is this maybe misleading because he ran his test 2 months ago and his 135% back then would not be the same today (altho as there are no new gtx 1080 releases in the meantime that would make no sense). Also he is using an "outdated" driver compared to my test. but anyway, even if it was that an older driver performs better, 14% is huge for just a driver (and you would think latest drivers are better). Maybe my gfx card is damaged? the whole thing why i started benchmarks in the first place is that i always had the feeling it should run better in games than it did. now, this specific benchmark comparison really makes me scream for help. thanks for anyone who can help me with ideas or hints!!

  5. Thanks so much, hopefully buying this , this week , im a big fan of msi since my 760 – my 970 was a palit blower edition, I wish it was MSI ;/(

  6. 2018 rtx sucks ans is overpriced as hell, so i just got this card used for about $380 for my 4k display… worth it?. (was stuck with a gtx 960)

  7. I think I won the silicon lottery lol. I have a standard MSI GTX 1080 GAMING (Not X or Z) and I'm able to get a stable 2062mhz on clock speed and 5500mhz on memory. Benchmark ran max temp of 76 C. Score on Superposition Benchmark went from 4078 to 4586 so quite a performance boost! This was my first attempt at an overclock so I'm gonna see if I can get 2100+! Genuinely wasnt expecting to get anything out of the overclock.

  8. Which one should i get:
    MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Gaming
    EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 FTW2 Gaming
    which one is the most quiet, which one is the fastest and shich one is the coolest? Which one is the best?

  9. When it comes to motherboard and graphics card on my MSI fanboy aesthetic and performance MSI knows how to do it

  10. i have the exact same card but my power limit slider can only goes to +104 although temp seems to be the same as yours @92 degrees celsius. any idea how come?

  11. Hey guys, my gtx 1080 gaming x with gddr5x can boost memory up to max +1k MHZ without any artifacts. Sometimes the card do crash from time to time, but I guess its because of core clock (cant go above +95). Tell me how do memory crash? I remember from childhood that memory crash was just an artifacts more or less, and freezing is a sign of core crash

  12. I have my Gigabyte WIndforce OC 1080 @ 2100Mhz on the core and 5555Mhz on the memory clock. At 70% fan speed im getting around 85 degrees though so it's running hot.


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