Msi Optix G27C2 monitor unboxing


Here is the MSI Optix G27C2 unboxed.


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♫ Tracklist ♫
00:00 RudeManners – The Last Cherry Blossom
01:49 Jinsang – Flow On
05:22 Nohidea. – Haiku
07:03 mr. käfer – Cosmic Harmonies
09:29 Gorila – takeshi
12:09 BluntOne – New Dawn
14:32 Flofilz – Dulce
16:36 Freddie Joachim – Breeze
18:50 charlie toØ human – Walk in the park
20:55 Gorila – Vous
24:07 B-Side. – Pair
27:08 Gorila – Parttime
29:30 Freddie Joachim – Autumn Rain
31:45 Oskar Hahn – Triggers
34:28 Pabzzz – Together
36:42 BluntOne – Sunny Side Up
38:30 Oskar Hahn – Anikawer
41:20 BROCKBEATS – Hot Spring
43:23 BluntOne – passing by.

Hip Dozer
mr. käfer
charlie toØ human
Freddie Joachim
Oskar Hahn


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  1. Great video! Just one request, you mind letting me know the height of the stand when its at its lowest setting and then highest setting? And also give me the width of the screen counting the edges too, then the height counting the edges as well, im trying to buy it and just wondering if it’s what im looking for or not, thank you!

  2. Is this monitor good enough for watching movies? Brightness and colors are really important for me and I don't really care about games (i can't afford an ips panel)

  3. hi! I am looking into this monitor and im also a fellow overwatch player!! My question, do you play overwatch on this monitor? how is your experience? right now i have a crappy 60hz laptop so i want something better without breaking the bank

  4. I have a question about the MSI G27C2 monitor, mine appears with horizontal lines, almost imperceptible, is this normal?

  5. Which display port version is it and can it run 240 hz? Edit: I’m asking if the cable can run 240 hz not the monitor

  6. oli i just gt my monitor tdy and im confused cause i have speakers and i cant find any jack for my speakers lmk if they have or not

  7. Does anyone know of this monitor has built in speakers I read a review and it said it didn’t have any and that you have to plug in headphones into your gaming system to hear sound can someone please clarify

  8. I’m a stupid person and I don’t know the lingo of computers, I saw another review for another type that is the same brand as this and very similar but they said somthing about “free sync” and how you have to get a certain graphics card. I got a gma4000bst for Christmas but no one thought to get me a monitor. Am I going to have to buy something else to make this work good?


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