Nvidia GTX 1060 3Gb (Msi) – Will it Play Games at 1080p ultra details – Stutter free ?


Is 3GB VRAM enough for 1080p gaming, in 2017 ? In this video, I test the msi gtx 1060 3gt oc model in 12 graphic intensive games at very high / maximum settings using ryzen 5 1600 cpu. Will it offer stutter free gameplay and 60 fps ? Let’s find out.

Tested in 12 Games
Games: details / time stamp
Battlefield 1 ultra
Dirt Rally ultra – 01:25
CS GO Counter Strike very high – 02:05
Farcry Primal – 03:01
Arma 3 – 03:45
Grand Theft Auto V – 4:43
Mass Effect Andromeda – 06:21
Project cars 2 – 07:01
Resident Evil 7 – 08:02
Rise of the Tomb Raider – 08:51
The Witcher 3 – 10:13
Tom Clancy’s Ghost recon wildlands – 11:15
Tom Clancy’s six siege – 12:02

Recorded – gpu temperature, frame rate, frame time,cpu usage

Test System Details :
RYzen 5 1600 non oc/stock cooler
msi b350m pro vdh motherboard
8gb 3000 mhz x 2 RAM
MSI GTX 1060 3gb oc (overclock) 192 bit gddr5 graphic card
samsung 85oevo ssd
2tb 7200 rpm seagate hdd
windows 10
1080p resolution


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  1. my GTX 1060 3gb plays all that I need it too….not everyone has $475 to drop on a graphics card…and when overall sales of these cards drop as they should the prices will go back to where they oughta be….

  2. i think gtx 1060 3gb oc is enough for me to play all games 🙂
    gtx 1060 is my favourite vram

  3. U saw in geothermal valley the issues with the 3 gig card here. Eurogamer has a great article on this. I got the 3 gig a year ago and it’s not enough in 2018. Avoid

  4. Ty ,nice video ,i own the same card , only difference vram 4004 mhz and it clock itself at 1949 mhz , really happy (Samsung ddr5)

  5. Which power supply do you use? I have a i5 4460 and i want to buy this gpu what power supply should i have to support it?


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