Oakland Nights (feat. Sia) | The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience


From Netflix’s “The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience” . Featuring, Jenny Slate, Hannah Simone & Sterling K. Brown as Sia.

Visionary artists (and lifelong Oakland Athletics fans) The Lonely Island, pay tribute to legendary baseball gods, Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire AKA the Bash Brothers, in this long-form visual poem set in 1988.

Watch & listen to the full length experience:

Step into my crib everything smells like Cool Water
And if you come to mine, you know it’s Drakkar Noir
Now have a seat on this couch made of horse leather
I’m told the horse that it’s from could run fast and far
Whooo, That shit is sexy
Tell the maitre’d at your booty to expect me
I’m solo and I’m flexin but don’t try to Soloflex me
NordicTrack all day
Squats in the living room, can I get a witness
The greatest aphrodisiac is physical fitness
Ohhh, so take of your guess, and let go of your stress
Cause the classiest shit, is what comes next
Silk robes and kimonos
Silk robes and kimonos
Change outta your own clothes
This athletic days but oh those
Oakland Nights
Silk robes and kimonos
It’s our pleasure to loan those
Pumps and pantsuits all day,
All work, no play, no way
It’s time for
Oakland Nights
In the bedroom champagne on ice
I make erotic shadow puppets in the candle light
Your hair’s crimped, all frizzy cuz you frivolous
I feel like Macho Man and you my Miss Elizabeth
Sizzlish, do some crunches and some scissor kicks
Body shaved slick like an exquisite fish
And I love the way your high-cut-thong make your butt long
Now take em off but you know what to leave on
Silk robes and kimonos
Silk robes and kimonos
Peel off, your pleated polos
These athletics days but oh those
Oakland Nights
Silk robes and kimonos
I pound the taiko drum in your dojo
Days in padded blazers, filing papers
No more it’s time for
Oakland Nights
Silk robes and kimonos
Silk robes and kimonos
I’m a pro when I bone but I do it pro-bono
You work hard days so you deserve the
Oakland Nights
We’re the Oakland Knights of the round table
Plus I’ll take you out to pizza at the Round Table
Pizza, my favorite pizzeria in Oakland
But bring a change cause you can’t wear your silk robe in.

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  1. I'll give it to Lonely Island when it comes to weird, funny and entertaining superstar guest appearances they have no match… Paul Rudd, Sarah Chalke, Sterling Brown, Susan Sarandon, Jenny from Forrest Gump just for one second…I love these guys

  2. The way Andy's voice is edited (I don't know the correct term) in this song sounds so sexy to me. I can't resist it. 🥰 🥰

  3. l clicked on this coz l thought it was a trailer, realizing it was music l wanted to go back. But l can't …this song is dope.

  4. What’s crazy these dude are actually pretty talented as singers and rappers. I know it’s all about laughs and satire but you can tell when people have talent

  5. Honestly, I don't know what caused me to remember TLI but I'm grateful they exist and put out these songs. 🤣 The best.

  6. What type of genre music is this? I am suddenly interested in this type of music lol… not lonely island i already got them on lock i promise. But type of music are they portraying here?

  7. “Now have a seat on this couch made of horse leather” had to pause it there and take a break because I was laughing so fucking hard 😂🤣🤣

  8. sizzle-ish, do some crunches and some scissor kicks, body shape slick like an exquisite fish

    pure butter


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