Overdose Crisis on the US-Canada Border: Steel Town Down


Tens of thousands have died of opioid overdoses across the US and Canada in 2017, with the death count surpassing the peak of the AIDS epidemic. The weight of the crisis in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario falls on a handful of people struggling to keep their fellow community members alive, similar to countless towns in North America.

Steel Town Down is an intimate portrait of the only harm reduction worker in town and a family desperate to save their son from becoming another victim of the crisis.

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  1. An intimate portrait of the horrors of opioids told by the VICE Canada offices.

    WATCH NEXT: Fentanyl: The Drug Deadlier than Heroin – http://bit.ly/2aUQXN0

  2. That young kid is annoying, a dickhead, and massively enabled by his half soaked parents, he's gonna suck every drop of life and penny off them that he can, that's a sad set up man.

  3. I’ve been clean nearly 10 yrs now and I think I got out at the right time with this fentanyl epidemic.Boredom is a huge issue especially in these old industrial towns it’s the same here in the UK a lot of people turn to drugs as a coping mechanism. I no how hard it is to change your ways cut off old acquaintances, it doesn’t just happen over night and it’s a long road but well worth it 🙏🏼

  4. Lil shit needs to APPRECIATE his parents more ..he would not be able to have his kinda life style in Texas with most parent's

  5. "It's not about getting happy. It's about trying to be happy." There's a lot of wisdom in that. Just watched another doco tonight where an elite athlete said essentially the same thing. Stop trying to get to the end stage of "happiness" and focus on the journey.

  6. I remember when this came around and why…..the government didnt care until it reached they kids and family….then all of a sudden this wonder drug is here to save people……20 years later….jesus christ i hate racism…

  7. Lord we pray for these suffering addicts. Stay strong and take back your lives. Greetings and love from the Philippines. 🇵🇭😊🙏🤲🤍💙

  8. Fucking poor father over there. Man it tear you up. Me being in recovery and clean for 5+ years from exactly heroin and fentanyl I have so much regret from that part of my life so i always tend to symphatize very much with the parents.

  9. Its so hard to discribe the induction to any one who hasent ever experienced it its like being adicted to cigerets but wen you cant smoke a cigerette you start feeling like hell body starts to hurt and worse

  10. The emt is a great man full of compashion around where i live they are asholes and dont understand the idiction

  11. The couple talking about meth are rough they look bad so bad i hope all thease people can get well its gross watching this

  12. The rust belt of North America is especially bleak during the winter. I dont miss it, yet it never leaves your soul. God bless these people.

  13. This documentary is 2 years old when I found it. Is there any way to find out what happened to the people?

  14. So sad… She tells she's feeling great after taking drugs and cries about her decisions…. her life. I'm so sorry…

  15. Ngl I have thought about drugs. Taking my own life. Helping myself get rid of all the bad crap happening in my life. But idk anymore.

  16. 26:17 blames everything on town. That mentality alone kept me in a hole for a lot of years. When I started saying it's me (and not blaming everything and everyone else) things got better. Sober now.

  17. 17:33 GIRL:"You want one, you sure?"

    EVERYONE on YouTube: "Yehh, NO. Definitely NO, you go right on ahead though"

  18. no wonder that 20 year old kid is all fucked up with over bearring parents like that. Let him have a little independence he probably feels trapped until he gets high.

  19. A fundamental need to somehow escape their own reality coupled with both a lack of imagination to seek alternatives to drugs and a failure to recognise the inherent danger of addictive drugs lead people to use drugs in the first place. From there self pity, a lack of stoicism and a lack of insight into their own situation is enough to keep the ball rolling for years, decades. Do whatever you need to do to break free of the hell of your own making and you will find something better. Life is always a struggle, you cannot wrap yourself up in cotton wool every day and expect no consequences.

  20. I tried meth today and guess what?! I didn‘t like it at all. I felt like robot, insecure, talked a lot whilst not feeling good and got a headache.. I dont get why people get hooked on it. Unlike opioids, I love them! 😍

  21. And here I was feeling miserable about being a porn addict. Moral of the story, you're better of stroking the pipe instead of smoking the pipe 😋😋

  22. How about blaming China for mass producing and exporting all of the illicit fentanyl and other worst drugs to North America…

  23. Joshua does not seem like an addict. He's crying for attention and is a flamboyant teenager. I mean that in a non offensive way. In a small town like that and having Vice document, him he's loving it…SMH.

  24. It's a terrible thing with the opiod problem but it's the families I feel it for look at these parents looking after their selfish son he needs a good boot in the arse n give his parents a break and let them have their life back


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