Papa's Bakeria – Game Preview (first day tutorial)


Burgers, sundaes, pizzas, and a lot more – Papa Louie have taken everything to his menu but he will have another one again here in Papa’s Bakeria. Just like your usual versions, you will need to take orders from different customers and follow the instructions on the ticket. Use the correct toppings, crusts, and many more for your pie. You will also need to manually bake the pie in the oven and watch it carefully. The customer will rate your pie and if they like it, you will got lots of tips. After each day, you can check your earnings and see if you are able to buy items for the store.


Papa’s Bakeria is a fun filled simulation game where you will manage a bakery that bakes pies, the task in the game is to man the store, from the ordering of the pies, baking, toppings and delivering it to the customers, each day, customers from all walks of life will come and visit your shop to order pies, their pies are custom made and it will be up to you to assemble it and bake it, if the customer is satisfied with the pie he or she ordered, they will give you a high rating and a generous tip, but if you fail to bake their orders properly or you somehow over baked the pies, they get all grumpy and you won’t get anything, there are 4 stations that you need to manage in the game by the way, there’s the order station where the customers put their orders, the build station where you assemble the parts of the pie and its ingredients, the bake station where you will be baking the pies, and the top station where you put the toppings of the pie and other finishing touches, the customers have different tastes when it comes to pies, but they all have one thing in common, they don’t want their pies burned, some on and check it out, see if you have the skills to run a bakery and earn lots of money here in Papa’s Bakeria.

Graphics and Sound

Papa’s Bakeria has very nice graphics and it is in 2D, the character designs that were used in the game are cartoony but really look pretty, details are also quite nice here, the environments are nice too, there are 4 stations in the game that you need to handle and all of them looks great, they are simple and functional, the colors are also pretty, everything in the game looks vivid and quite bright, colors are varied too, the animations that were used are also smooth which makes playing the game really fun, the music and sound effects are also cool, the game’s music is very nice and soft to the ears while the sound that you’ll hear when you play the game is also soft and subtle, the special effects are simple and basic by the way, this is not that kind of game that needs flashy visuals anyway, it still managed to look kinda pretty still, overall, the game’s simple graphic designs and nice presentations made the game quite attractive and nice.


Papa’s Bakeria is like a simple cooking simulation game where you need to bake pies and manage the store, you’ll be in charge of taking orders and baking whatever kind of pie the customer wants, the task is quite simple by the way, bake delicious pies to satisfy customers and earn lots of money in the process, with the money you earned, you can also buy all kinds of accessories for your character, the more you earn, the cooler he or she will look, there are two playable characters in the game, they are Timm and Cecilia, you can choose to play either one of them or make up your own in the custom worker section.


Papa’s Bakeria features some very simple graphics but really cute designs, there are 4 cooking stations you need to manage, a variety of customers you need to service and it features simple mouse controls to make it easier and more fun to play.


Papa’s Bakeria is quite fun to play and it’s not really very hard, if you just pay close attention to what the customers want, you won’t have a problem here, check it out, this is really fun.

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