Papa's Cupcakerea – Game Preview (First Day Tutorial)


Papa’s Cupcakeria is a cooking simulation game that also needs strategy. What he player must do is to collect as much cash as possible. In order to collect money, the player must live as a cashier and a baker creating various cupcakes. Day by day, customers will come and they will order a cupcake of their own design. The player must now follow these orders according to the mentioned recipe. On each station, the player must carefully create the right amount of batter, bake it perfectly, and add the right toppings. If the customer is satisfied, the player can gain extra tips and bonus points.

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  1. great, i enjoyed making those custom cupcakes…every customer seem to have a different design in mind, but i was able to bake all of them, this is fun and a little challenging, I managed the different stations and ran the store smoothly, the customers were very happy too, they gave me high ratings and rewarded me with generous tips…haha, i earned so much at the end of the day.

  2. Totally fun, i love baking, and i enjoyed this one a lot, the customers have different kinds of cup cakes in mind but I baked them all to perfection, they were so happy that they all gave me very high ratings all throughout and I got a lot of tips in return, this is really very nice, great for everyone, do check it out guys!

  3. Papa Louie has a new tasty treat for you that will surely bring the sweet tooth's around! Serve your customers with delicious cupcakes here in Papa's Cupcakerea! The aim this cooking game is to run a cupcake store and make it flourish. The customers will come in to order cupcakes. You must carefully follow the customer's order. They will tell you what toppings should be used, what type of cream, and even the batter. These customers will rate your work on different criteria. You will receive tips if they love the cupcake you've baked for them. Save up your money so you can buy items for the shop.

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  4. I love baking and I had a great time with this one, I made different kinds of cupcakes here, the baking is easy really…it's those choosy customers that are giving me the difficulty, sometimes i give out the wrong order and they get grumpy and give me very low ratings…lol, check it out if you're into cooking.

  5. Quite hard for me but fun, I had a great time baking those custom cupcakes, I think all the customers like my baking, almost all of them gave me rewards, i got lots of tips from my satisfied customers, I just followed the instructions carefully and I never had a problem, this is really nice, I bet girls will love this one.

  6. Haha! they always order custom cupcakes, each customer has his/ her taste,  but I made them all happy and contented, in fact, I received high ratings everytime, they were so happy, I collected lots of tips from them, this is fun, i think I'm going to open my own bakeshop…hehe.

  7. Custom cupcakes?…the customers are very hard to please, when I played this game, I had a hard time accumulating hard cash, the customers give very low ratings on my cupcakes…they're very choosy, 'wish this game have fewer customers, the game gets really hard when there's too many of them, check it out guys.

  8. same with the other cooking games, I also had a hard time here, it started out easy but I always get confused when they come in batches, i get pressured by the number of orders and customers, I can only imagine what happens at fast food chains during peak hours…hehe

  9. papa louie's out again (as usual!), and you're left to manage the store, take control as a cashier and baker, bake custom cupcakes, each customer has his/her unique design, mix the batter, bake it to perfection and  add the right toppings, do everything right to please the customer and get rewards like tips and bonus points, the game is easy, 'tried this at home and I made a mess…lol.

  10. In this installment of the papa louie's cooking games, you will have to cook cupcakes, everyday the customers will come in to buy cupcakes, you will need to bake them accordingly, from batter to baking and toppings, and if the customers are satisfied, they will give you a reward, save the money and papa louie will be happy. This game is really fun.

  11. I've always been a fan of Papa's games and this is their latest game. Unlike the previous games, Cupcakeria celebrates different special occasions; examples are Valentines, St. Patrick's day, etc. Although that is the only difference, the plot is still the same. You were the one left to run the Cupcakeria and need to make all the cupcakes that the customers order.

  12. Your job in this game is to become a cashier and baker, and you must collect as much cash as possible and to do that you need to bake lots of different kinds of cupcakes, when the customers make orders, you must mix the batter carefully, bake it and add the right toppings and if they are satisfied, the customers will give you extra tips as a reward for a job well done.

  13. You need to make lots of money if you want to make papa louie happy, and you can only do this if you bake lots of cupcakes and keep the customers happy, you need to create the right batter and bake it to perfection, after baking you also need to put the right toppings, and when the customers are satisfied, you shall be rewarded with a generous tip, this is a nice game for young bakers.

  14. This game is nice and easy, but not in real life, in this game you will have to cook lots of cupcakes and make money…the objective of the game is to make lots of money by baking cupcakes and the only way to do this is to satisfy all the customers by baking their cupcakes properly…and when you did it right, they will reward you generously with a tip…cooking games are really nice trainers for "wanna be" bakers and cooks…check it out…

  15. In this game you need to bake cupcakes and manage the whole restaurant, when the customers come in to give their orders, make sure to prepare the batter properly, cook it perfectly and add the necessary toppings that the customer desires, and when the customers are satisfied with your services, they will give you a generous tip for a job well done. This game is nice and fun but I'd like to see a more detailed cooking game from papa louie…

  16. I love papa louie's cooking games and I enjoyed making cupcakes a lot…I think this game is a good practice run before you cook the real thing…at least this is a video game…If you make a mistake, you just need to start over…no "collateral damage" so to speak. I like this game…it's fun and very easy to play. The game dynamics are very easy to understand…me and my little sister play lots of cooking and girlie games, it's our bonding time, we both like video games and play all night.

  17. This game is fun, I think I can now open my own restaurant…hehe. Seriously, cooking games are very educational, If I were a parent, I'd make my kids play cooking games such as papa louie's, it actually teaches children and teenagers to appreciate food and learn how it is prepared, it also teaches them the value of hard work in food preparation. It prepares them for their tasks and responsibilities later on in their life. I recommend this game to all boys and girls out there…

  18. This game is intended to for all who wants to have a specialty in a hotel and restaurant management course. The strategy for those managers on dealing with customers of the said store relies on their thinking skills. Customer's first as i have known on dealing with this kind of job. It is not far from reality at all . The whole game is mixed with serving others so that they will bring good taste as to qualify for the upgraded level. 🙂

  19. hahahaha, i am making fun of this really, even thou i mess up with the batter station, i only make perfect once in putting the pudding and i always mess up with the toppings and customers are in hurry specially in level three.
    But i enjoy it, specially that it is a good break from a boring work. Techniques! i need technique to acquire a big tip and to be in rank one, does somebody have techniques? Can you share it to me? because i really like this game even its for children too.

  20. Yes, kid’s game. I think they should be doing one specific step at a time, like batter and icing first and then on the second level batter, icing and one toppings. This is a fun game for the little kids especially the girls who want some baking and cooking but not too old enough to put their hands on those kitchen utensils. My little cousin used to play this game and I tried it now to see what sort of game she is currently playing. Good enough. I hope they will have more cute stuff to put on.

  21. This one is a fun game! I have this hobby of baking real cupcakes and I must say that it’s more of real child’s play. It’s funny how I put too much cupcake batter and all in a cup and it really overflows! I tried a couple of times before it says “good” or even “perfect”. i hope they sort of put a meter as well on the batter station so you can see if it's too much or so-so. But, things gets really frustrate me when I put those icing on top. Feels like I’m not baking at all! Hahaha.

  22. Sheney, it shouldn't be like that – maybe you have installed some kind of browser history and cookies cleaner on your computer and it is set up to clean browser data on windows startup (or maybe on browser startup or maybe when exit browser). If browser cookies not cleaned, the game process should stay saved on your browser unless you clean the browser cookies…

  23. I like Papa's Cupcakeria! I'm Rank 24
    When I restart on my computer, it backs to Rank 1
    So,I have to play again

  24. When i try this game, at first i get messy because i over drooped the butter. When i do the frosting it is very fun to make, but you must be hurry or the customer will gave you little. You must be attentive to get the right order. Baking is a passion you will not get perfect in first, second or third, but you must try it over and over again
    Kids will like this game and mom too, instead of playing some nasty games mom will love to introduce this to their kids.

  25. In Papa's Cupcakerea you are a baker,every day customers will come in and place their orders,you must follow their orders and choices properly to earn cash. If the cupcakes are done perfectly, you will extra bonus points. I'm not much into cooking myself, especially baking, I can't even cook a "sunny side up" egg properly. This game made me realize the time and effort my wife puts in every meal she cooks. Well, I'll just have to appreciate her cooking better and eat more of her dishes…I guess.

  26. I thought it would be really simple because of the theme. It's supposed to be for smaller kids but I find it quite challenging.
    Well I'm a bit of a perfectionist so I tend to make sure that everything I do is more than satisfactory, so I took a longer time putting the batter into the baking cups.
    I have a cousin that bakes various pastries. Now I know how hard it is for them to make one lol

  27. This game is fun, i love baking and this game gives me practice of some sort,well maybe.
    First days were easy as the customers are just ordering simple things but as you go over the days the task seemed a bit difficult. Customers have more request and you should take into account the order in which they are put. Overall i love this game and will try to finish it soon.

  28. This cooking game is really challenging. Precision and timing is the key, and you'll have to be very care in selecting the ingredients or else you'll have to redo everything. Getting the highest rating for each customer is the goal, while getting lots of tips from them is also the challenge. If you are a fan of simulation games like this one and you want some added challenge, this game is recommended for you guys.

  29. I know not to do cupcakes, but this game is tops. The idea is like cooking master but with a twist and deals only with cup cakes. I wonder if this is how cup cakes are really made. But I don’t think this is home made with all the machines in the game. More of a big cup cake factory. At first I overflowed the cupcake with icing. The second I go over a bit on the batter. Both my customers paid for with a bit extra tip on the side. Ove this game.


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