Papa's Pastaria – Game Preview (First Day Tutorial)


We’ve seen much of Papa Louie’s food branches taking over the fast food chain. And without stop, Papa Louie is back to lead the world of pasta here in Papa’s Pastaria. The goal you need to accomplish is the same as the other Papa Louie shops; to serve as a staff on the store and work there serving pasta. You have various stations to use; the cooking, build, and bread stations. Be sure to follow the customer’s order like choosing the sauce and the type of cheese. If the customer loved the pasta you’ve cooked, you will surely get loads of tips.

Cooking is fun. Games are also fun. Therefore, cooking games are doubly fun. Papa’s Pastaria is exactly that, with the addition of giving you control over a restaurant and making (or horribly losing) money along the way.

At first glance, Papa’s Pastaria looks like another restaurant management game where all you do is take care of a bunch of numbers. Instead, you’re actively doing the cooking, mixing, and serving of all the dishes. Not to mention taking all of the orders.

The graphics are relatively simple, but rather well-done, vector graphics. They’re of better quality than most online games, but still nothing really exceptional. One thing that’s exceptional about the game though is the amount of character it’s able to get into the different sprites. Although they’re all just the same base with different parts swapped in and out, each element is drawn well enough to impart a great deal of personality to each design.

Where the game shines though, is in the gameplay. You’ve come into possession of a pasta restaurant, and it’s up to you to make money and satisfy all the customers. To do so, you’re in charge of the counter, the cooking, and the customers. The game is divided into different days, and within each day you’ll serve a certain number of people. A typical order starts out with, of course, you taking the order. This is represented by a certain character going up to the counter and placing an order which will be written down for you. The next step is to cook the pasta by moving to the cook station. There, you’ll have to select from a number (which will grow as the game goes on) of different pastas and boil them just right. After that, you’re off to the build station to add sauce, cheese, and other condiments as per the customer’s order. Once that’s done, you move to the bread station where you’ll add bread depending on the order.

Sure, it sounds simple, and it is indeed when you’re limited to a single customer. You’ll soon get multiple orders at the same time though, and it’s up to you to manage the orders, cooking, and serving as efficiently as possible. How well you do will affect how much money you get in tips, and how high your customer rating gets.

So go on and give it a try, Papa’s Pastaria is your chance to fulfill that lifelong dream of owning and running a restaurant!


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  1. Really a fan of Papa's games and this one is really a nice addition to its amazing games. The story line is a bit different but the gameplay is still the same. You cook what the customers want and get your points from doing a great job. Now you get an assistant that helps you get the orders of the dine-in customers. Without the assistant, you'll have a hard time getting those orders.

  2. papa louie never stop in making different kinds of food stands…my girlfriend loves this game…she even played the whole day…this is one of the hardest papa louie games because it has now more to click and there are more orders coming fast…I bet there will be more papa louie's that will come… 🙂

  3. this cooking game is fun, i enjoyed cooking the pasta for all the customers, I think I perfected the different recipes, my customers are all to happy to give me a tip, I think I'll play this one again…lol.

  4. Papa Louie is now endorsing a new treat for everyone, but he needs an assistant to run the shop for him. Take that apron and help him serve delicious and zesty pasta here in Papa's Pastaria! The task is simple; you just need to run the shop every day and serve pasta for the customers coming in. You will write down their orders and you will head to the stations to cook the past. Be sure to follow what's written on the list like what type of pasta should be used and what type of sauce. The customers will give you lots of tips if they love the pasta you've cooked!

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  5. Very easy and all fun,i like cooking pasta, i enjoyed manning the different stations, it is  a little difficult when there are many orders but I was able to keep up, the customers were so happy with my cooking, I enjoyed playing this one, I wish the real thing was this easy to do, anyway, i got me a lot of high rating and I got a lot of tips from the satisfied customers.

  6. this is really very hard for me, when I played this one, I didn't even know what i was doing…lol, I had a hard time managing the different stations, I overcooked the pasta and put the wrong cheese…lol, the customers got all grumpy, i never realized I had to please them all to get a high rating…lol, I guess this only proves that I'm a lousy cook…lol, 

  7. I'm a decent cook, so I'm an avid fan of the papa louie cooking series, it's all about customer satisfaction really, I just cooked the pasta to perfection…al dente so to speak…lol, added the right sauce and cheese…prepared the pasta in record time and the customers all have happy tummies…got high ratings on this one…this is really fun for me.

  8. WOW! another one of papa louie's cookery, I just played this one a while ago and I think this is one of the easiest to play, you only need to man the cashier and cook pasta for the loyal papa louie clients, they were all smiles when I gave them their orders, the customers here doesn't seem to complain much, I got high ratings on my cooking and they gave me a generous tip, papa louie is so happy…I think I will be promoted to chief cook!…lol!


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