Papa's Scooperia HD Rank 2018 Save Game (subscribe now!)


link here for web save file install winrar and extract the save file first

link for HD version
NOTE you need phone or tablet with root access

save file features

lobby points maximum order station always 100% i fix it just do not change the wall and floor

rank 2018 big top carnival holiday

unlocked all characters with gold seal

unlocked papalouie with silverseals and 4 stars

all stickers costumes unlocked

all cookbook recipes unlocked

subscribe now! for save file its on progress


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  1. Nothing works I have an LG phone but it doesn't work and nothing happens but when I turn it on I say I can't open it but it's a cool mod! great to be the best

  2. hey he will post the link later because the save file for android its not easy to get ours we need phone with "root access" to get it


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