Papa's Taco Mia – Game Preview (First Day Tutorial)


Another shop from Papa Louie’s showcase is here. Papa’s Taco Mia! is a cooking game where the player must run a store that makes nothing but tacos. The player must run the shop and earn as much money as possible. This can be done by doing the perfect taco for each customer. They will give their order, and then the player must follow them correctly. This includes the type of taco and which toppings should be put on top. And of course, don’t forget the sauce that makes the taco sizzling. The customer will check the work, and they will give good tips if they are satisfied.

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  1. really fun, i love tacos so I enjoyed this one, I really did good here, I cooked the tacos to perfection and put the necessary fillings and sauce, it looks so delicious…yummy!, there were so many orders but I was able to keep up, the customers were very happy with the service, I got lot of money at the end of the day.

  2. A zesty treat is coming your way from Papa Louie's food branches. Heat up the stove and line up the taco shells here in Papa's Taco Mia! The main objective in this cooking game is to serve out tacos for the customers. Your shop will be opened everyday and the customers will line up to buy. Take their orders and write them down. Be sure to follow the directions on the taco they way; from what type of taco shell, sauce, and toppings. If they find your work great, then you will surely get lots of extra tips that will be added to your salary!

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  3. very difficult for me, i made a mess of the kitchen, but i did have fun where there were only one or two customers, but then they came is batches and they didn't stop coming, I was continuously cooking tacos…until I had enough, I don't really know what happened, everything seem to have piled up on me…lol.

  4. This is way easier than the real thing…lol. virtual cooking is really very easy…lol, it's making those grumpy customers that is very hard, they're always complaining and giving me low ratings…lol, i think I made them wait in line too long, I guess I'll just have to cook them tacos faster and make more money quicker.

  5. I had played all Papa Louie's games and I love each one. This one tacomia is really a nice game from them as well. As for gameplay, it's the same as the others where you take the orders of your customers, cook the food, make it and then deliver it back for a satisfied customer.

  6. It's hard to cook perfect tacos, I can't even cook one perfectly…it always breaks…and you're going to do just that, the customers will come in endlessly and order tacos and each one must be served accordingly, the tacos must be prepared meticulously if you want to get a high rating from the customers, and if all is done perfectly, the customers will give you a generous tip in return and papa louie will be very pleased, try it.

  7. Cooking games are very easy to play…'love it, it's quite hard to cook perfect tacos though, especially if there are so many customers, every taco I serve is being rated…lol, the game got hard when there are so many people ordering tacos, this is the point where I got confused with the orders.

  8. I love tacos, but I'm not much of a cook, when I played this game, I had a hard time earning lots of cash because the customers are always giving me a low rating…lol, I can't seem to satisfy them, there's just so many of them that the game becomes confusing for me, when I'm cooking too many, I tend to put the wrong ingredients on the tacos and forget the sauce altogether, this game just proves that I'm a bad cook!

  9. While papa louie is out, you need to take over the store that sells nothing but tacos,
    people will come in to place their orders, you need to consider everything, like the type of tacos to be used, toppings and the sauce, and if you do their orders right, they will be happy and reward you with a generous tip, dang! playing this games make me so hungry…lol.

  10. Tacos are very delicious, in this game, you need to run the store that makes tacos, your job is to makes lots of money by selling lots of tacos, customers will come in everyday, they will order tacos and you have to cook them perfectly, you have to consider the type of taco to be used and the toppings, and also the sauce that makes it delicious, if the customer is satisfied, you will be rewarded with a tip, save lots of money and papa louie will be pleased.

  11. this game requires you to cook tacos for everyone, in this game , you must run the store while papa louie is out, when the customers come in to place their orders of tacos, you must cook the tacos according to their tastes, you must consider the type of tacos to be used and which toppings should be placed on top and also the type of sauce to be used, and when they are satisfied, they will give you a tip, this game is cool, I just love tacos.

  12. In this game, Papa louie has left you in charge of the store again and in this game, just like the game description says, you need to cook perfect tacos for each customer…when the customer comes in for orders, you need to prepare their orders according to how they want them…this includes the type of tacos and the kind of toppings that goes on top and also the sauce that makes the taco sizzling and delicious…and if they are satisfied, you will receive a generous tip…

  13. Perfect Taco? baby butthead I dont need to cook perfect taco that's not the main purpose of the game instead the player just need to deliver the right order of the customer. Ha ha…
    If you got their orders right you will surely be given higher points …So we need to please our customers so that we will received higher points.

  14. In this game you will manage a store that sells only tacos, you must run the shop and make money as much as possible…or else papa louie will fire you…hehe, ( just kidding). In this game you have to cook perfect tacos. Once the customers come in to give their orders, you have to cook them tacos just the way they like it…this includes the type of taco to be used and its toppings and sauce…when the customers are satisfied, they will give you a generous tip…

  15. I don't like Tacos…especially when you're eating in a restaurant…they're very messy to eat but they're delicious actually…I just don't like it when you bite into them and the tacos crumble all over the table and floor. In this game, you're going to cook tacos for the customers, choose the right tacos and put the right toppings that the customers ordered, and when you did your job properly and the customers are satisfied, they will give you a generous tip…

  16. This game is another one of papa louie's cooking game…in this game you are going to make tacos. Your task is to manage the shop and make money as much as possible, when the customer comes in to make an order, follow the instructions carefully, take note on the type of taco to use and put the right toppings and taco sauce. When it is done, the customer will check on their orders, and if they're satisfied, they will give you a generous tip…

  17. Papa's Taco Mia? I'm exited to have the Mama's taco Mia haha.. but I like this game. This game makes me hungry…You guys should try burritos its so nice like taco's. I'm pretty sure those who dont have a skill in cooking will have ideas to learn in how to make tacos even this is only a game but its so delicious to see…hhmm Yummy.

  18. Now that i have time to play this game, i felt bored on this game, well at first i quiet enjoyed doing the taco but because it consume time after playing it, in the eight days i give up. This game is nice but for someone like me who have bored office papers to do this game will not help at all. This has only 3 stations to do unlike most of Papa Louie's game that have four stations.

  19. I've played already a ton of Papa Louie games as of late to release some stress. This game, I believe is on par of some of what they've released so far, if not great. Precision is the key and good presentation is a must to get high scores. If you want your kids to utilize their imagination in the kitchen, then this game is a great recommendation.

  20. Papa Louie's off again (as usual)…and you're alone again to manage the store, but this time you're going to cook tacos. When the customers come in to give their orders of tacos, you'll have to prepare them according to the customers specifications and you must have to follow them correctly. The task is to prepare the type of tacos and the corresponding toppings that the customers want. Once the orders are finished, the customers will check on the tacos. If prepared properly, you'll get a tip.


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