PIZZA PARLOUR OF DEATH – Five Nights At Freddy’s


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Stephen Walking – Top of the World

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  1. JORDAN U FOOL!! U SEE BONNIE IN THE HALL!! CLOSE THE DOOR! im not saying im hating I'm just saying Cause they kill you

  2. Uhh summa lumma dumma lumma you assumin' ima human what I gotta do to get it through to you I'm superhuman innovative and I'm made of rubber si that anything you saying's ricocheting off of me and Immm devastating more than demonstrating how to get a mother fucking audience a feeling like it's levitating never fading and I know the haters are forever waiting for the day that they can say I fell of they be celebrating cause I know a way to get em motivated I make elevating music you make elevator music

  3. Lol just waiting till he realizes that it's not intruders he should be worried about.

    , the monsters have been there for quite a while now

  4. I watched this in 2017 and i noticed that CAPTAINSPAKLESZ lineing is far far away with look Skywalker(just a joke do hate me spooklezs


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