Pizza Town – SNL


An animatronic band (Aziz Ansari, Mikey Day, Aidy Bryant, Bobby Moynihan) interrupts the standoff between two cops (Beck Bennett, Kenan Thompson) and a criminal (Kyle Mooney).

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  1. I like that pizza pizza, I like those birthday fries. So happy pizza birthday birthday girl, birthday guy~

  2. This song plays in my head at all times and it’s never stopped it plays randomly in my mind and I start singing it ITS BEEN 2 YEARS

  3. More KENAN please.
    I love his delivery.
    I didn't get the first"joke" till he responded to it.
    I liked him in the MYAN CALENDAR skit.
    👏👏 I'm out!

  4. #pizzagate not funny. SNL worlds most unfunny comedy show. Am yet to laugh at anything ever shown on this over rated waste of time.


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