PowerPoint 2010 Tutorial: All You Need to Know About PowerPoint


An easy to follow step-by-step tutorial outlining everything you need to know about PowerPoint whether it is the corporate environment, education or personal use. Learn PowerPoint in just a couple hours: Concepts based. Easy to understand. Try it now. You will not be disappointed and also spread the word. Make the most out of this content at and save 50% today.

The tutorial covers:
– Getting started with PowerPoint and General Concepts in PowerPoint 2010 or 2013
– Applying a theme or design to a presentation in PowerPoint 2010 or 2013
– Inserting multimedia and SmartArt in PowerPoint 2010 or 2013
– Inserting tables and charts in PowerPoint 2010 or 2013
– Applying animation to slides in PowerPointin PowerPoint 2010 or 2013
– Modifying the slide master in PowerPoint 2010 or 2013
– Using slide notes in PowerPoint in PowerPoint 2010 or 2013
– Packaging a presentation for CD in PowerPoint 2010 or 2013
– Screen capture – Photo Albums in PowerPoint 2010 or 2013
– Annotating in PowerPoint in PowerPoint 2010 or 2013
– Recording a lecture in PowerPoint in PowerPoint 2010 or 2013

Link to video in PowerPoint:

PowerPoint 2013 tutorial is available from here:

Excel 2010:

Excel 2013 full tutorial:

If you want to take get a deeper understanding of Microsoft Office applications, take a look at

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  1. Unappealing interface having bought both 2007 and 13 for comparison, 2007 was much more colourful with lots of blue, 2010 and 13 looked to be very cold in comparison to 2010, and will stick with 07, due to this and 13 looking featureless.

  2. Thanks i needed help working on a power point i had to do for my unit and it was on the UCMJ but i was never good at power point but i watched this and it helped alot so thank you

  3. i have a question:
    in the animation style 33:10
    how we can make the slide show in the animation style work automatically without clicks?

  4. Thank you Sali for a very informative tutorial. I need to learn how to use PowerPoint quickly and this is the best tutorial to do just that. Appreciate the time you must have spent on this.

  5. please, i copy parts of a pdf file and paste it on a slide, sometimes it is choice question and to choose and write on the picture, is this possible?

  6. very educational. learned a lot. thank you very much for sharing.

     only, your voice almost made me fall asleep XD

  7. I used to be very pleased to seek out this youtube video-channel.I wished to thanks in your time for this glorious video!! I undoubtedly enjoying every little little bit of it and Ive you bookmarked to take a look at new stuff you video post.

  8. My college funds fell through a couple of years ago 6 classes out to bachelors with over 3 1/2 years of consistent Dean's list honors . Since then survival jobs; fast food, convenience stores, etc… I had taken courses in ms office at college, however had forgotten much over the time lost. Thank you for sharing these tutorials. I smiled often as I began to remember these programs via your generosity. While the economy remains in turmoil, per first hand experience, I still maintain hope, and intend to keep my skills sharpened as a new subscriber to your channel. Thanks again! Cynthia


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